Auburn Is Paying Gus Malzahn An Absurd Amount Of Money To No Longer Coach For The School

Back in 2013, things were very good for Auburn and his then new head coach Gus Malzahan. The school won the SEC and reached the BCS National Championship, leading Florida State to a 34–31 loss to the Nelbiters. It seemed that the Tigers were poised for a long run of success.

Flash forward to 2020, and Auburn has suddenly deteriorated. The Tigers have only won 10 games once in Malzahan’s eight years, and have a 2–5 bowl record during his tenure. He is also only 3-5 in an Iron Bowl game against Auburn’s biggest rival, Alabama. This year, the Tigers are 6-4 and in the middle of the pack in the SEC West.

That poor record was enough for Auburn to buy the remaining Maljon’s contract. But it doesn’t feel bad for Maljah, though. He is going to earn $ 21.45 million.

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According to Malzah’s contract, half of that money – $ 10.275 million – is within 30 days of expiration. The remainder will be paid in installments of approximately $ 2.68 million over the next four years.

Malzahon signed a seven-year, $ 49 million contract contract after the 2017 campaign. Auburn is in a financial bind, with 75% of that deal guaranteed. Even if Maljahan signs elsewhere, Auburn will pay him every cent of the purchase. Twitter is quite upset about this series of events.

The move comes at a time when millions of Americans are still struggling due to the coronovirus epidemic. Even many universities are feeling the effects with layoffs, salary reductions, furloughs and other negative effects as a result of severe financial stress.

Yet the college football coach seems immune. Florida State Willie paid $ 18 million to Taggart No coach for them. Now, Auburn is paying Maljah even more.

This will not be the last time a university pays millions to drop out of school. But maybe this will lead to negotiations for at least some smarter line.

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