Attack the Block 2 Work Has Begun Between John Boyega and Director Joe Cornish

Director Joe Cornish has confirmed that he and Star Wars star John Boyega are now actively working on a sequel to their 2011 cult hit Attack the Block. While the project is still in the very eatly stages, it certainly sounds like both Cornish and Boyega are determined to see Attack the Block 2 come to life on screen.

“We’re working on it at the moment. John Boyega was round at my place a few weeks ago and we sat in the garden – socially distanced – talking about story ideas until it was so dark we couldn’t see each other. So, yeah, we’re working on that.”

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This is not the first time that Joe Cornish has teased a long-awaited follow-up, revealing last year that he and Boyega had been discussing potential ideas. “We’ve got ideas,” he said. “I met with John a couple of months ago to talk about it. We’ve always had ideas after the first one. But obviously we’ve both been busy doing different things.” The fact that the two of them have continued to get together to work out a plan for Attack the Block 2 certainly bodes well, with John Boyega’s name now holding a lot more capital than it did back in 2011.

While these ideas remain a closely guarded secret, Cornish has said in the past that he intends to address how things have changed since 2011 saying, “In a way, the longer you leave it, the more interesting it is. So that’s all I’ll say.”

Written and directed by Joe Cornish, Attack the Block centers on a teenage street gang who must defend themselves from predatory alien invaders on a council estate in South London on Guy Fawkes Night. Forced to defend their turf against this sudden invasion of savage alien creatures, they must step-up and fight to succeed in their mission and stop the creatures from wiping out humanity. Boyega fronts the movie as Moses, a low-level crook, and teenage gang leader who is looking for respect around the block, with Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker as Samantha Adams, a trainee nurse and new resident of Wyndham Tower. Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, Simon Howard as Biggz, and Nick Frost as Ron make up the supporting cast.

Though Attack the Block underperformed financially, it was highly praised by critics and has since gained a much wider audience and cult following thanks to its unique approach to the alien invasion story and insular nature that expertly combines frights, laughs, and social commentary.

Cornish also discussed the legacy of the sci-fi comedy, revealing that, at the time, he had no idea how audiences would respond. “We hadn’t really shown it to a broad audience, let alone an American-international audience,” Cornish said. “So, for me, it was a shot in the dark. I remember having no idea how people would react to it at all. When I showed it to the cast, they just laughed because they were so tickled by seeing themselves onscreen, pretending to be these characters. They just spent the whole film laughing and I was like, that’s not how you’re supposed to react! So, that was a bit weird. I had no idea what the response was going to be [at SXSW]. No idea at all.”

Attack the Block is now a highly regarded example of the genre, and no doubt audiences would love to reunite with Moses and his crew. This comes to us from Entertainment Weekly.

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