Attack on Titan: Reiner advantage in the first episode of the final season part 2? …

The second part of season 4 of “Attack on Titan” began its broadcast this Sunday, January 9, in simulcast retransmission on the Wakanim and Crunchyroll platforms.

It’s been almost a year since episode 16 of the first part of season 4 of Attack on Titan left unresolved the new face-to-face between Eren Jäger, the main protagonist of the animated series, and Reiner Braun. For its comeback, the anime did not disappoint by offering a battle that lived up to expectations. Like a boxing match, we analyzed this fight and named a winner.

The defending champion: Eren Jäger


In the right corner, Eren Jäger. Remaining on a memorable victory in the Battle of Revelio, the leader of the Eldian resistance movement is a favorite because of his combined powers: those of the Assailant and the Hammer, as well as that of the Original (which he however, cannot use to its maximum potential).

His mentor and elder half-brother Sieg did not attend the match to support his foal, too busy with his bloody fight against Levi which almost cost him his life. The idea of ​​a team match between the Jäger brothers against the Mahr alliance already seems to be trotting in the minds of the promoters of the series …

Combining the speed of the Assailant with the might of the Hammer, Eren employs the fighting style that has allowed him to triumph over Reiner in the past. A technique which has already proven its effectiveness, but which perhaps lacks the freshness of the first matches. What if this overconfidence turns our champion into a giant with feet of clay?

The Outsider: Reiner Braun


To my left, an outsider well known to fans of the series: Reiner Braun. The Titan Battleship is a strong opponent, greatly respected by its peers despite several defeats attempted against Eren, the undisputed champion. Recovering from the death of his partner Berthold, Reiner now pursues a solo career, although largely supported by the Mahr army.

Focusing on his defense techniques, he compensates for his opponent’s speed with a series of uppercuts and punches in Eren’s flanks. A technique that deserves to exhaust his opponent, and to be able to reverse the tendency of the fight during the match.

After a crushing defeat at home in the streets of Revelio, the latter intends to take revenge by defying Eren by surprise, on his territory. All the elements play in his favor this time: the element of surprise, the support of the Mahr army, and the support of his Titans sidekicks (Charette and Mâchoire) since it is indeed a match without disqualification.

The big loser of the match: Armin Arlelt


Why take sides in a fight when you no longer know which side to side with? It is for this reason that Armin, yet alter-ego of the overpowered Titan Colossal, did not wish to fight alongside his childhood friend Eren Jäger. Worse, the young man even advised the Assailant Titan to flee the fight and escape through the city’s underground!

In the world of competitive sports, only a handful of participants can claim the title. And this is the case of Armin, a genius strategist, but for whom titanic powers are more a means than an end. Using them only by weighing all the consequences, the latter this time did not see fit to transform to repel the Mahr soldiers.

Judges’ deliberation: Reiner’s victory in points


The episode failed to separate the two opponents by knocked out. But the outcome of the fight is not in doubt for the moment: due to his careful preparation, and his numerical advantage, Reiner seems to have taken an advantage over his opponent Eren Jäger. Still reigning champion when this first episode ends, will it be able to reverse the trend in the next episode?

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