At 24.6 deg C, Delhi records lowest maximum temperature of season so far

According to the Meteorological Department of India, the national capital recorded a maximum of 24.6 degrees Celsius on Saturday, the lowest temperature so far this season.

On Saturday, the minimum temperature was 8.5 degrees Celsius.

According to IMD data, the maximum temperature was two degrees below normal and the minimum temperature was four degrees below normal.

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Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD’s regional forecast center, said the minimum temperature is likely to rise from Monday due to the effect of fresh western disturbances.

Delhi recorded its highest minimum temperature of 7.5 degrees Celsius on Friday, the highest in the month of November since November 29, 2006, when the city recorded a minimum temperature of 7.3 degrees Celsius.

For the plains, IMD a cold wave when announced that the minimum temperature is 10 ° C or below and 4.5 ° below normal for two consecutive days.

However, for a small area like Delhi, a cold wave can be declared if the criteria are met even for a day, Srivastava said.

Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 11.5 ° C last year, 10.5 ° C in 2018, and 7.6 ° C in 2017 in the month of November.

The all-time record for minimum temperature in November was recorded at 3.9 ° C on 28 November 1938.

Mahesh Palawat, an expert with private forecasting agency Skymet Weather, said the mercury has fallen due to the cold winds triggered by the icy winds of the Western Himalayas and will continue to have a similar situation till Saturday.

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He said that a fresh western disturbance is coming to Northwest India on 23 November. This is likely to cause some increase in the minimum temperature.

According to IMD officials, the minimum temperature on November 16 this month was 2-3 degrees Celsius below normal in the absence of cloud.

The clouds trapped some of the outgoing infrared radiation and tilted it downward, warming the ground.

TheOctoberwas 58 years of the coldest in the national capital.

The minimum temperature in the year of October was 17.2 ° C, the lowest since 1962, when it was 16.9 ° C.

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