Astaberry Pearl Facial kit Review and How to use this kit

Astaberry Pearl Facial kit Review and How to Use

Astaberry makes several facial kits and out of that friends, I will be reviewing this pearl facial kit.  Pearl cleanses the skin and detoxifies the skin from the toxins that we accumulate over the time. The benefits of pearls are numerous and we can easily get the benefits by using home facial kits. In this post, I will be reviewing the New Astaberry Pearl Facial kit. Let’s check the review of Astaberry Pearl Facial kit. Pearl facials detoxifies the skin and skin become smoother. They are good for oily and combination skin as well. Moreover, when someone has oily acne prone skin then too they can try pearl laden facials to help nourish the skin but also give a calming effect to the skin.

Price of Astaberry Pearl Facial kit:

This is for 225 rupees. I have seen Astaberry products on many shops so, I guess the availability is not much a problem but even I can not say that for the entire country or for the small cities.


Astaberry facial kit is packaged in a slim rectangular box which is good as this can be easily carried and used when required. Moreover this pack also contain an Astaberry Papaya face wash. The pack contain products for facial steps like pearl cleanser, Pearl scrub, Pearl massage cream and Pearl pack. The products are enclosed in a tube pack so that they can be used without digging your fingers in.

Experience with Astaberry Pearl Facial kit

Astaberry pearl facial kit review 2

Let me tell you friends, how I will be using this pearl facial kit. To start any facial I will first of all tie my hair up in a bun. Then I will take a band and put that so that the baby hair on the hairline or the fringes can also be pulled back. I also like to keep a towel to wash or clean the face.

Pearl Cleanser:

I will take around a spoon of this cleanser and then apply this all over the face using my finger tips. Then I will massage the cleanser so that this gets absorbed in the face and takes off all the impurities, dust, dirt etc. After massaging this cleanser I will take the towel and wash all the face off. I mean to say that I will remove the cleanser off my face. Moreover, this step will cleanse the face so that the next step works better.

Pearl Scrub:

After the cleanser, I will use the pearl scrub which has minute scrubbing particles. To use this, I will take around a coin sized product and would apply this all over the face. Then using the finger pads, I will massage the face with this. I tend to focus more on the nose, chin etc which are oilier than rest of the face. After scrubbing for 3-5 minutes, I will go and rinse my face. Scrubs should be rinsed as wiping with towel will leave minute crystals etc hence, washing is better. Exfoliation is an important step and should be done nicely and taking time but don’t be harsh on the skin especially when you have pimples or acne on the face.

Pearl Massage Cream:

This massage cream has the pearl ash which will penetrate in the skin and will help the skin to rejuvenate and revive. I will use this massaging cream for around 7-10 minutes so that the micro circulation of the skin is also increased. Once I massage the cream, then I will wipe the excess cream off the face, then I will move on to the next step that is face mask application. Point to be noted friends that you should massage the skin thoroughly with the finger tips and also giving light pressure from finger pads. After scrubbing, massaging is the most important step that actually will make your skin glow.

Astaberry pearl facial kit review 2

Pearl Face mask:

This face mask is pearly white in color. I will apply a thick layer and use this entire tube. Then I will wait for 20 minutes then would wash my face with clear water.


After I am done with this pearl facial kit, I can feel that my skin looks a lot clearer and better but there is no immense glow or anything, I think this is okay for those 1-2 days glow when you are heading for weddings, parties etc. This pearl kit is good but I like gold facial kit and diamond, fruit kits more.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

This is a good facial kit which can be used just before an event to get the glow but sadly the glow that this gives is not long lasting. I have not used pearl facial kits other than the VLCC pearl facial kit but this was just decent.

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Have you used this kit how was your experience? Do you like doing home facial or facials at the salon or parlour?

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