Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion

Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion : Hi everyone! A good face moisturizing lotion is ideal and important. I like using light moisturizers at night time or for the day time as well before going ahead with my foundations. In today’s post, I will review Astaberry papaya moisturizing lotion. Do you that papaya is good for making the skin tone lighter and glow. Moreover, this angel fruit is suitable for oily skin hence, controls the sebum production.

astaberry papaya nourishing lotion review and how to use

Price: 70 rupees

Experience with Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion

Astaberry is a herbal skin care brand and this lotion comes in a orange papaya colored pack. I like the packaging as this has flip top cap which is easy to use and to carry around. I keep safely