ASMR Explained: 28 Best ASMR Videos for Relaxation

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The second most searched term on YouTube (after pewdiepie) is ASMR. Over the past ten years, this video style has skyrocketed in popularity, with hundreds of creators making content to induce the coveted “tingles.” It’s a wonderful way for those who experience this response to relax, calm down, switch off, and even sleep better. The effect can be triggered by all sorts of sounds and visual stimuli, including whispering, tapping, or chewing. If you’re new to the world of ASMR, it can take a little while to discover what you like. However, the ASMR videos from these channels are some of the most popular and tingle inspiring ones that are sure to help you chill out from a stressful day.


What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a physical response that the body can have to visual or aural stimuli. This is often described as tingles or a fuzzy feeling that starts in the scalp or neck and runs down the spine. Others experience it as a deep feeling of relaxation. Many people get it watching or listening to videos of people whispering into a microphone, tapping on things, or even eating. There’s a vast YouTube community for ASMR creators, or ASMRrtsits, that has been growing steadily since the late 2000s as the phenomenon grows in awareness and popularity. Some accounts have hundreds of videos and millions of subscribers. Many ASMR fans watch these videos to chill out, relax, and sleep better or help cope with the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, or even PTSD.


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Does Everyone Experience ASMR?

There’s not a tremendous amount of research into ASMR yet, so most of the evidence is anecdotal. However, it indicates that not everyone experiences tingles, so you’re not alone if you don’t. There can be many reasons for this. Firstly, people process visual and audio information differently, so what might sound nice to some grates on the nerves of another. Some sounds can also be very intense, which can be overwhelming and disorientating. Another reason could be that you haven’t found the right trigger yet – yours might be pretty obscure or specific. Finally, many people report that the enjoyment of ASMR correlates to fond memories, such as someone brushing your hair as a child or tickling your back, so you fall asleep. The same actions can trigger those warm feelings of being nurtured.


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ASMR Triggers

What triggers tingles through your body will vary from person to person and can even change depending on your mood. However, there are some common triggers that the majority of viewers find gives them ASMR. The most common include sounds such as whispering, tapping, crinkling, page-turning, writing, typing, and chewing. Visual triggers could be watching physical touch like ear brushing, massage, hair play or movements including hand gestures, watching someone paint or draw, or swatch colors. Finally, certain situational elements can prompt a response. This includes personal attention, role-play scenarios, and certain words, especially with the letters S, K, P, and F. If you’re new to the community and not sure what you like, check out trigger compilations that feature dozens of sounds and movements in a single video.


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ASMR Videos

1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

Maria Viktorovna, a.k.a Gentle Whispering ASMR, is one of YouTube’s most well-known and established ASMRtsits. She’s based in rural Maryland and started posting in 2011. Now, she has over 2 million subscribers and more than 550 videos. Her style focuses on gentle whispering (hence the channel name) and soft speaking, with a mix of roleplay videos, hand movements, and tapping with her always perfectly manicured nails. She even does some videos speaking her native tongue, Russian. Maria discovered ASMR for herself when going through a period of depression and realized that whisper videos made her feel relaxed and calm and that she could do the same for others. Many other ASMR creators and enthusiasts cite Maria as their introduction to the world of tingles and inspiration for creating their own channels and videos.



2. WhispersRed ASMR

Another pioneer in the ASMR community is Emma from WhispersRed ASMR. Based just outside London, she films her videos in her sound-proof garden shed, offering styles like close personal attention roleplay, hair brushing, gentle tapping, and other triggers. She posted her first video in 2013, and her approach is filled with kindness and authenticity. While she’s always experienced tingles, she discovered its name when watching a video by Maria of Gentle Whispering. Emma is an advocate for the therapeutic benefits of ASMR, from helping with symptoms of PTSD and depression to practicing meditation and mindfulness. Plus, she was one of the first ASMRtists to branch out into live sessions, including in-person immersive experiences and group meditation. If you’re interested in learning more about Whispers Red and her practices, she’s released a book called Unwind Your Mind The Life Changing Power of ASMR.



3. ALB in whisperland ASMR

Take a trip down a vintage memory lane with ALB in whisperland ASMR. Angelina is the Toronto-based artist and illustrator behind the account and has been making ASMR videos since 2012. Her sweet candy-floss pink aesthetic is both youthful and fun, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Look for a variety of videos styles, including hair brushing, role play, keyboard typing, painting, reading comic books, and even cat ASMR. The goal of her videos is relaxation, and she generally releases a new video two or three times a week for over 300,000 subscribers.



4. ASMR Bakery

If you’re looking for long-format, no-speaking ASMR, then the collection of more than 350 videos from ASMR Bakery is excellent. The styles focus on up-close triggers such as hand movements, tapping, scratching, crinkling, and ear cleaning. Because she uses various materials and objects, with compilation videos of different sounds, her channel is an excellent place to discover your own triggers. There are also videos up to three hours long, which can be great for a stressful day at work, or if you have trouble falling asleep.



5. ASMR Anil Çakmak

Barber appointments are another very popular style of ASMR video that introduces more organic and unintentional ASMR elements. The style was first popularised by Baba Sen, a Cosmic Barber, who featured in a short video filmed by a tourist and posted in 2008. Anil Çakmak is a Turkish barber based in Istanbul, with more than one million subscribers. He records his videos in his shop using a hand-held camera for dynamic action. Usual shop and street sounds add to the ambiance, while the style is fun and playful, with lots of camera interaction, jokes with the client, and plenty of his catchphrase “relaaaaaaax bro.” Most of the time, the format follows a traditional barber appointment, with hair wash and head, face, neck, back, and arm massage.



6. asmr zeitgeist

While there tend to be more female ASMRtists than men, one of the most popular exceptions is asmr zeitgeist. His deep voice, and calming but commanding presence is a huge contributor to his success. As a sound creator, he’s not afraid to experiment with new technology, such as binaural and multi-speaker microphones. Many of these are shaped like human ears, so you can direct sound into each separately for a more natural and immersive feel, which gives the best results when listening with headphones. You’ll notice his microphones also have cute animated faces. If you’re in doubt about whether you experience ASMR or not, try watching one of his videos for people you don’t get tingles, which have plenty of comments from viewers encountering the sensation for the first time.



7. itsblitzzz

Julis is the gorgeous woman behind the screen name itsblitzzz. Her popular ASMR videos follow a similar and relaxing setup and have featured everyone from friends and subscribers to celebrities. The content is mostly head and face massage, with a gentle touch and quiet talking. She usually starts by introducing her client and using a custom cleansing spritz of essential oils, followed by hair brushing and light massage. It’s incredibly easy to fall asleep to the soft sounds. Finally, her channel isn’t just about ASMR. She also posts candid videos about her life, struggles with mental health, history, and journey for living a more thoughtful, authentic, natural, and plastic-free life.



8. Fairy Char ASMR

With her genuine and illuminating smile, Charlotte from Fairy Char ASMR immediately brings a sense of tranquility to her viewers. She has been making ASMR videos since 2012, focusing on soft-spoken medical, spa, beauty, and haircutting videos, as well as role-plays. Each is filmed with soft lighting and visual enhancements such as pastels and flower fabrics, fairy lights, and greenery that add to the ambiance. Enjoy a mix of personal attention to the camera and real people as models, including collaborations with other ASMRtists, Emma from Whispers Red and Olivia from Olivia Kissper.



9. Silver Hare

It’s nothing but good vibes on Silver Hare’s ASMR channel. Tyler Guillory has the warmest smile and most optimistic energy, so no matter how stressed or anxious you are, watching his content is sure to make you feel considerably better. His videos are all pieces to camera, focusing on energy healing, reiki, and role-plays. Hand movements and fluttering fingers are his forte, producing tingles galore. Some of his videos are whispered, while some are not, but he has a lovely voice with a comforting timbre.



10. SemideCoco

If you enjoy real-person massage and medical examination videos, then Semide’s channel is perfect. She’s a naturopathic student with 200,000 subscribers to her content. Not only does she have a lovely soft voice, but she’ll also often explain the process and what she’s doing as she goes, using her content as a great opportunity to both study and educate her viewers. Just be warned, her intros where she’s setting up the space might put you to sleep before you even make it to the main part of the video! You can also watch various role-plays with personal attention, such as sleep clinics, guided meditations, and positive affirmations.



11. Gibi ASMR

Enter a world of ASMR and cosplay with Gibi’s channel. With more than 3.5 million subscribers, she’s easily one of the top ASMRtists on YouTube. Her combination of gaming influences, cosplay, and original character development make her videos much more engaging while still being enterally relaxing. In addition to her own unique characters, she also does mashups from other popular fandoms such as Harry Potter. She’s even done an ASMR read-through of Billie Eilish’s album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and appears in a full-length ASMR film about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It’s called Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese and also features other ASMRtists, including ALB in Whisperland, Matty Tingles, Seafoam Kitten, and Taylor Darling.



12. Tingting ASMR

Enjoy maximum tingles with the videos from Tingting ASMR. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, she has new releases, so there’s always something new to watch to help de-stress or drift off into the land of nod. Choose from a wide variety of video styles, from getting your makeup done or scalp massage to roleplays and traditional trigger compilations. The latter is excellent for newcomers to ASMR who still aren’t sure if or what gives them the highly sought-after fuzzy feeling. Plus, she also has a series of videos showcasing her Chinese culture and teaching you Chinese while you sleep.



13. ASMR Darling

Also known as ASMR Darling, Taylor Darling has over 2.5 million subscribers and is a true sweetheart. Her light-hearted videos are full of positive affirmations and happy thoughts. The styles vary from roleplay characters and personal attention to makeup application, bedtime stories, and collection reviews such as fidget toys and face masks. She even has a series of videos based around different colors, so if you find a particular shade to be a trigger, it’s a great list to check out. Finally, in response to the pandemic, she also has a video about COVID testing to alleviate anxiety about the process and debunk some myths.



14. Nanou ASMR

As one of the youngest entrants on this list, Nanou Philips is a rising star. The Belgian teenager posted her first video in 2019 and already has half a million subscribers. She runs the account along with her brother, who is in charge of filming and editing. As expected from such a young creator, the content is entirely wholesome. It showcases classic triggers such as tapping, playing with slime, and whispering in her native Dutch (and occasionally English). If you’re not fluent in Dutch, you can turn on subtitles or just enjoy her voice even if you don’t understand. She also has appearances by family members such as her parents and brother. Finally, if you’re new to ASMR or still working out your tingle triggers, videos like Nanou’s 50 Triggers in 500 Seconds are a great place to start.



15. FredsVoice ASMR

If you don’t mind the idea of Thor reading you bedtime stories, then you need to check out FredsVoice ASMR. With his long blond locks, bountiful muscles, and deep voice, he’s an excellent alternative to the God of Thunder. Plus, he literally does Thor role plays. Most of Fred’s content is the role-playing genre, with characters from various fandoms, as well as unique personas such as Rude English Gentleman. Additionally, he’s known for producing excellent cranial nerve examination videos and ultra-fast tapping, which is less commonly found in ASMR videos but very triggering for some nonetheless.



16. Nomad Barber

Miguel Gutierrez is a photographer, filmmaker, and bona fide barber, the combination of which is showcased on his Nomad Barber YouTube channel. In 2013 he set out traveling the world to document in the barber business across different countries. It’s a channel of diverse content and videos that commonly feature unintentional ASMR, massage, and barbering. He’s traveled to over 44 countries and filmed beautiful locations in Greece, India,  Dubai, Turkey, Kurdistan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia, adding a unique ambiance to each video. He even met Baba Sen in India to receive one of his “world’s greatest head massages.” Beyond the online presence, there are two Nomad Barbershops, one in London’s East End and one in Kreuzberg, Berlin, where you can book an appointment for a cut, shave, and massage.



17. RaffyTaphyASMR

Known for his legendary fast tapping, Rafael from RaffyTaphyASMR is one of the most popular male ASMRtists on YouTube. His video ASMR Tapping has over 22 million views! Beyond that, his bio states he “makes sounds for you to relax and sleep,” which is very accurate because he has plenty of trigger videos using both classic and unique items from bananas to toilet paper. He has a friendly demeanor, making jokes and taking a light-hearted approach to ASMR, which is ideal for alleviating stress and escaping the pressures of the day.



18. Ecuador Live

Experience ancient Andean traditions with Ecuador Live. This channel began posting in 2017 but didn’t begin the unintentional and intentional ASMR content until 2019, when they started filming Limpia or spiritual cleansing at a market in Cuenca, Ecuador. These rituals are practiced by traditional faith healers and use a combination of herbs, various items, and massage to purge the body, mind, and soul of negative energy. Four healers regularly appear on the channel, including Dona Rosa, Dona Esperanza, Dona Blanca, and Martha Pangol. Most of the content is filmed either outdoors and close to nature, at the market, or in the women’s homes. In addition to the Limpia, you’ll also find massage, hair brushing, and hair cracking. It’s not only an excellent way to relax but also to learn about different cultures.



19. ASMRTheChew

Texas-based Spirit Payton is the iconic woman in front of the camera on ASMRTheChew. She began her channel in 2015, taking a different approach to ASMR by focusing on mouth sounds, including chewing, slurping, and crunching. While this might sound like a nightmare for some (especially those diagnosed with misophonia), many people find these sounds in this context to be incredibly relaxing. Her videos were often the start of many viewer’s ASMR journeys. The most-watched video on her channel, with 37 million views, is Pickle ASMR Eating Sounds/BIG Crunch/Intense. Despite being most famous for her eating ASMR, she also does storytimes, makeup tutorials, and typing with her beautifully manicured nails.




Another well-known eating ASMR account is SAS-ASMR. She’s based in Canada and has a massive nine million subscribers who enjoy her food videos. Some of the most popular uploads include raw honey, which takes the mouth sounds to another level thanks to its extreme stickiness. Plus, if you’re triggered by one particular kind of food, she’s conveniently organized her playlists by types such as pasta, pop rocks, and sea grapes. Take a break from the ASMR content with one of her mukbang videos that include anecdotes and storytimes.




While ASMR PPOMO is based in South Korea, she has multi-lingual content with Korean, Japanese, and English videos. Plus, there are non-speaking uploads for those who prefer the trigger sounds on their own. Like other channels, she offers various video styles, from scalp massage and hair brushing to ear cleaning, role play, and makeup. You can also pick up a member’s only subscription to her channel, giving you access to more content, including recorded live streams. If you’re into gaming, you can also check out her gaming channel, which is where she got her YouTube start; however, she’s not active on it at the moment.




If massage videos are your ultimate trigger for ASMR tingles, then ASMR MASSAGE FUN is the perfect channel. This small team of beautiful women makes a range of quiet and relaxing massage videos. These include whole body and back treatments, to hand, foot, and head massages. The fresh, well-lit sets have a minimalist and calming vibe, with no talking and very little ambient sound to disrupt your chill. They use a mix of dry and oiled movements for different skin sounds, plus scrubs and other tools like bamboo and blades to keep things interesting. Despite only being active for a year, the channel already has over 140,000 subscribers and 150 videos.



23. ASMR Barber

Massimo Tarantelli is the Italian gent behind ASMR Barber. Like Nomad Barber, he explores the world by visiting different barbers for a wash, shave, and massage, recording each process for the viewer’s tingly pleasure. The benefit of sporting a clean-shaven head is that he’s able to produce content regularly. He’s been to street barbers in India, massage parlors in Vietnam, and high-end salons in Italy. During his travels, he met Baba Sen and did a series of cosmic sessions in scenic locations around India. The result is a lovely combination of nature sounds, ambient noise, and Baba’s positive energy, minus the honks and car engines from the city!



24. certified mood asmr

Enter a world of ASMR triggers from John, at certified mood asmr. His channel is a place of refreshing entertainment and relaxation, with various styles including hair brushing and styling, role plays, and facials. Plus, his wife, Jen Luv, is another YouTuber with a makeup channel, so he has plenty of make-up content, including swatching and application. Despite only posting since late 2020, he’s already amassed nearly 100,000 subscribers thanks to an inclusive approach, gentle voice, and lighthearted vibe.



25. Jane ASMR

Jane ASMR is another channel that mixes the world of mukbang with tingles. Her most popular video (below) has more than 230 million views and shows her eating a rainbow of sweet treats. This includes macarons, crepe cake, Nerd ropes, jello, and crunchy edible spoons. The video is just short of ten minutes and has more than 40,000 comments. Most of the content is similar, with plenty of brightly colored candy and fruit mixed with the occasional savory dish. You never see her entire face, just her iconic pink lipstick. Plus, she drops a new upload every day, so you’ll never be short of tingles and relaxation when you subscribe.



26. Goodnight Moon

Immerse yourself in a whole new world with Goodnight Moon. Erin Timony began her YouTube career as a beauty vlogger before switching to ASMR. Her channel boasts more than 800,000 subscribers and over 200 videos. She’s known for her mystical role-playing-style videos, including an entire world-building series called Babblebrook. In this playlist, you can visit the Willow Witches Shop, spend an afternoon with the herbologist, or even meet a mermaid. Beyond the fantasy realm, she also has close-up whispers and triggers, more modern roleplay, and product hauls. Finally, the videos have a beautiful aesthetic that mixes fantasy with dark academia and a touch of cottagecore.



27. ASMRMagic

If you’re struggling to sleep, try tuning into to ASMRMagic for a dose of tingles and relaxation. British YouTuber Rhianna is behind the tapping, whispers, and binaural sounds. She has a range of videos styles from no talking and ear massage to role plays, specific words, and compilations designed for people who don’t get tingles. Explore all kinds of triggers, including brushing the microphone, squishy orbeez, liquid running through an hourglass, or even her cat Millie purring! These videos are ideal for alleviating stress and just helping you chill.


28. Shiatsu Shane – ASMR Massage

Shiatsu Shane has another great massage channel featuring ASMR videos with soft speaking and skin sounds. Enjoy a mix of muscle melting deep tissue massage, light touch tracing, and treatments accompanied by relaxing music. There are also short videos, less than a minute long, which can be a fantastic method for a quick reset or breaking up a negative thought pattern. He engages a lot with the ASMR community, regularly running polls and seeking feedback on his work. Plus, if you’re based in the UK, he has an actual massage practice in the town of Dinnington, South Yorkshire, so you can book in for an appointment.




Is ASMR meant to turn you on? 

While ASMR often gives viewers and listeners tingles, it’s not those kinds of tingles. Most ASMR creators aim to make relaxing content for entertainment and to help you chill out, feel less stressed, and fall asleep. Of course, like any part of the internet, some creators do take a more suggestive approach, but it’s a tiny and niche audience. 

Is it OK to fall asleep to ASMR?

Absolutely. In fact, a lot of ASMR fans use these kinds of videos specifically to fall asleep. They can help you switch your mind off and reach a state of deep calm and relaxation. You’ll get the best experience by listening with headphones, so as long they’re comfortable, and you won’t get tangled, it can be a great sleep solution. If you’re watching on your phone, turn on your blue light filter to help counter the adverse effects screen time can have on your circadian rhythm. 

What does ASMR do for your brain?

There haven’t been many studies of the effect of ASMR on the brain. However, of the few that exist, fMRI scans of people who experience tingles show activation in the brain’s reward and emotional arousal regions. This is the same region that lights up if music gives you goosebumps. Another study also indicates that people who get ASMR have more blended neural networks, suggesting the response is caused by a reduced ability to control an emotional response from the physical senses. 

Why is ASMR so popular?

ASMR is incredibly popular for its ability to help listeners and viewers to relax. It’s a great way to wind down after a stressful day at school, work, or with the kids. It can benefit people suffering from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Many people also use it as a sleep aid to switch off a busy mind and induce a deep state of calm. Plus, the tingles just feel nice!


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