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Ask Your Mobile Phone Insurer before Choosing a Policy

Top Questions to Ask Your Mobile Phone Insurer before Choosing a Policy

When it comes to mobile phone insurance, many of us need one nowadays – just for the fact that our phones tend to be more expensive and more difficult to replace if they get lost or stolen. But before you jump on the bandwagon and choose insurance for your phone, you still need to make sure that you are getting the right one. With these few questions, you can make a better decision on which insurance cover to opt for.

Will I get another phone?

There are many variations to this question: if your phone does get replaced, will it be with a new phone or the same model of your phone? How about if your phone gets damaged? Will your damaged phone just be repaired or replaced?

Mobile Phone Insurer

Most insurers will send you a phone as a replacement, but you shouldn’t expect a phone that is the same model as your phone or even a new mobile phone. This will all depend on what the insurer has in their stocks. If, for instance, your insurer has the same type of phone, then you may receive one which has been reconditioned or refurbished or a model that is the equivalent of your phone which also takes into stock your phone’s condition and age. Other insurers may provide you with cash. The insurer may likely call you in order to talk about how best to settle your claim.

Who will settle the bill for downloads, apps, and calls if my phone gets lost or stolen?

The good news is that most insurers will cover you for any phone calls made on your mobile phone when it was stolen or lost, or any downloads or apps that occurred during the time your phone was lost or stolen. But it is also important for you to report your phone as lost or stolen right away – don’t wait too long. Even a 24-hour delay in reporting your phone can give you difficulties when filing your claim. You also have to report your lost or stolen phone to the police.

Is your mobile phone still eligible for cover?

If you are worried that your phone will not be covered because it is simply ‘too old,’ then you should be happy to know that it really depends on the insurer. Some phone insurers only accept phones that are not more than six months of age, but there are other mobile phone insurers which will accept phones that are three years and less. Also, you may not get cover if you try to ensure your child’s mobile phone, as insurance is usually only offered to those who are 16 years and older.

For the best mobile phone insurance, it’s important to ask pertinent questions. And when you have all the information you want, then you can make the right decision.

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