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Ask The Experts: The 10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas of 2020

As a guest for a wedding, choosing a wedding present can be a mine! There will be a curated gift list you choose for a lot of couples. However, these days more and more couples are dropping off the gift list and asking for nothing. But as a guest you still want to give them some special gift, but so what? Many people get caught up in trying to think of ideal wedding gifts. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the 10 best wedding reception gift ideas of 2020.

Ask the Experts: 10 Best Marriage Gift Ideas of 2020

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To make some greenery happy

Flowers make a wonderful gift in any situation. Flowers, plants, juicy, your choice. Any of these options would be a wonderful gift for a wedding couple.
If the couple is a nature lover, then one of the greatest “eco-friendly” you can submit is that the couple has to plant a tree on their behalf on the same day, which the couple can remember for a lifetime.

A framed photo or portrait

A photo frame with beautiful photos of the couple would be a great gift, perhaps one of their engagement sessions or one of them when they first met.
If the couple owns a pet, you can also gift them a custom pet picture. The photo may contain a pet photo or a mixed photo of the pet and the couple.

Ask the Experts: 10 Best Marriage Gift Ideas of 2020

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Designed clothes

Various dresses for wedding gifts, such as towels, pillows, and bedsheets, are a more traditional option. You can make them more personal by creating their names or initial monograms, many companies provide personalization services. Your couple will like the gift that went into this gift.

Dinner / weekend trips

Treat the newlywed couple for some quality time by giving their favorite restaurant or a weekend dinner voucher. It will be even more special if the couple has children and you offer to let the child sit near them to enjoy time for themselves. You can also look for theater tickets, gigs and spa breaks as an alternative.

Ask the Experts: 10 Best Marriage Gift Ideas of 2020

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Kitchen appliances

If you want to go down the traditional route then why not treat kitchen appliances as a gift. This may seem like the obvious choice, but newlywed couples are often building a house together, so try and get a feel for it that they need to make their home complete. A coffee maker, cocktail kit, smoothie maker, pancake maker, a new speaker system? So many options for things that they could use every day.

Watches & Jewelry

Matching watches can be a rally cool option for wedding gifts. It shows that you have really thought about them and tried to find something that suits both of their tastes. They can also be engraved to make them more personal. If not, what about matching jewelry?

Ask the Experts: 10 Best Marriage Gift Ideas of 2020

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Customized video

This is a truly personalized option and couples can keep anything forever. Collect messages from all your friends and family and then compile the messages into a video to keep them. You can use the on-line editing tools and download videos over USB to keep and store them forever

Wedding calendar

Gather photos of the couple from various milestones of your relationship and then turn it into a beautiful calendar. Every month they turn the page of the calendar and see a new picture of themselves, reliving some lovely memories. They can keep it in their house for the first year and keep it as a memento for the first year of marriage.

Ask the Experts: 10 Best Marriage Gift Ideas of 2020

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Home decoration

Buying something to decorate the couples home is always going to be a hit, just make sure you know their personal taste. Art pieces can be a wonderful addition to any newlywed home. Elaborate vases, gorgeous scents for their home, cushions, throws, the choice is endless and can be perfect for many budgets.

Gift a honeymoon package

For the couple who loves to travel why not buy them a gift experience for their honeymoon. Find out where they are going and experience a unique journey when they arrive there. Perhaps a dolphin watching or cooking experience for their chosen country or a guided tour of their favorite landmark.

The options are endless when it comes to gifting a wedding, I hope these ideas have helped you come up with some fun ideas.

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