Ask The Experts: Engagement Rings for Women

A woman’s engagement ring is a lot more than a piece of jewelry. Whether you are choosing the ring yourself or deciding with your partner, it is important to find the right style of engagement ring. Recently, many couples have carved traditional ring styles for something more unique.
When I talked about buying an engagement ring, I enlisted the help of attractive diamond experts to help explain your options.

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Engagement rings come in a wide range of styles and you can customize a ring for your sweetheart. Here are four popular engagement ring trends by Charming Diamonds that can inspire you to get started. They can also help you narrow the style that is right for your partner — an important symbol of your love.

Diamond Ring

Diamonds are one of the best in the world. They are a pleasant combination of beauty, elegance, glamor and yet rare. While any ring can be considered an engagement ring, by far the most popular engagement ring consists of a diamond. Diamond engagement rings have proven to be timeless for obvious reasons and they have a lot of style options when it comes to the shape and size of your diamond.

Ask The Experts: Engagement Rings For Women

Many couples opt for this type of ring because of the effect they make. After all, a statement ring does not make a statement unless it is bold and eye catching.

Moissanite rings

If you are dead on the obvious traditional look of diamonds, but with a special quality, and without compromising on ethics, beauty, quality, or finances … then moissanite may be just the stone for you!

Ask The Experts: Engagement Rings For Women

Chemically, moisenite (made of silicon carbide) is completely different from diamonds; However, it is similar in appearance and quality to the diamond. In fact, in terms of optics, a moissanite also turns out a diamond! Like diamonds, other gems come in various cuts, colors and styles, making them an excellent choice for an unconventional bride. They cost much less than diamonds and are usually measured in millimeters.

Lab – Growing Engagement Rings

Environmentally conscious, socially conscious, and financially responsible – it is no surprise that in 2020, diamonds developed in the laboratory are becoming a popular alternative to engagement rings.

Ask The Experts: Engagement Rings For Women

The diamonds developed in the laboratory are chemically and physically similar to diamonds. But perhaps even more importantly, the diamonds developed in the laboratory create almost no mineral waste and are completely conflict-free. And as an extra cherry on top, they also cost 20–40% less than mined diamonds.

Sapphire rings

Next up are these beautiful gemstone engagement rings, they are easily the top trending engagement ring style for 2020. They have been trending for a few years and have become even more popular this year. Below are two of the most popular colorful engagement ring styles that are sure to please you or your loved ones.

More and more brides opt for a pop of color in their ring. Vibrant gems like sapphires are quite gorgeous and really enhance your ring style.

Ask The Experts: Engagement Rings For Women

Despite the fact that they are becoming more famous over time, sapphire rings are not something you see each day. There is something unusual about this style and it will blow the minds of some people! On the off chance that you prefer to express your own style with color or want to take a more non-traditional approach to your ring, this trend may be ideal for you.

Emerald engagement rings

Choosing a gemstone like emerald for your engagement ring quickly gives it a unique, stand out look. This allows you to add a personal meaning to your engagement ring as every gemstone has its own significance. Today, emerald means successful love, which is given to the cherished hopes of supporting a strong, unwavering love and commitment for the rest of his life. Giving a woman a commitment with the pages looks like luck, harmony and life in your soon-to-be marriage.

Ask The Experts: Engagement Rings For Women

With an emerald, both custom, unique engagement rings, and simple emerald engagement rings make big impressions. Victorian-style emerald rings and vintage-inspired designs have gained fame and popularity over time.

Now that you know all the trends of the hottest engagement ring of 2020, it is time to shop for attractive diamonds or online and is perfect for you! If you are struggling with any decision when it comes to your purchase, their diamond experts are here to help! No question is ever too big or too small, so never hesitate to pick up the phone and call them or chat with them online.

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