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Ask The Experts: 8 Tips To Help You Have A Magical Autumn Wedding During COVID-19

More and more couples have decided to hold their weddings due to Kovid restrictions in the autumn months and so many cancellations in the summer. Sharad may not be your first choice but I believe there is a huge selection of ideas available for you in this grand golden month. Think of the rich colors of yellow, brown, orange and green, beautiful flowers, rustic details, lots of warm clothes, fruits, nuts, the options are limitless! So while you are making sure that your wedding is Kovid friendly and following all the necessary guidelines, you can get excited about the endless autumn possibilities available to you.

8 tips to help you in a magical autumn wedding during COVID-19

Ask the Experts: 8 Tips to Help You in a Magical Autumn Wedding During COVID-19

I amt A good idea to see an online wedding planner during COVID-19 which makes the event more smooth. However for now, here are 8 exciting tips!

1. A photo op between dried leaves

How about choosing an autumn background? Photos will be beautiful in a field or grounds filled with dried leaves in shades of brown or yellow. The contrast with the white of the wedding dress will create a truly magical image! And if the rain makes an appearance, you can also take advantage of the umbrella and include it as a supplement to the photographic report. The snapshot will be equally fun and casual. Another option is to take advantage of the magical hour of sunset so that the yellow, red and ocher tones of the landscape stand out. You will get an incredible light and it is beyond rustic!

2. Chic touches for bridal look

These months of the year offer a variety of res to customize your wedding outfits. French sleeves with long sleeves and light fabrics and lace or feather details with an illusion effect would be great allies to withstand the temperature of autumn. This will also be a great opportunity to show off a pair of funky boots or trainers, which will ensure that the toes stay warm. An original and elegant bridal bouquet, made with peonies, pineapples, dahlias, berries, wheat and green leaves would also be a great addition.

Ask the Experts: 8 Tips to Help You in a Magical Autumn Wedding During COVID-19

3. A natural setting full of charm

If you want to have an open-air civil ceremony, choose a forest or garden full of trees with red, ocher, green and brown leaves. There would be no better possible background for your “I Do”! You can take advantage of a majestic tree to act as an altar or build your own with a magnificent floral arch with white and orange cloths, and arrangement of yellow, orange, brown and dark red flowers can do. The way to the altar can be covered with beds of leaves, petals or carpets, or edged with tree trunks, with the flowers of the season will be a touch of celebration.

4. Leaf-shaped decoration

Using the theme of leaves will give a unique edge to your wedding decoration. There are several types: carved wood leaves with carved names, natural leaves dried with white ink, leaves painted in gold and with names in the marker. In any case, they will be the pieces to dress the table that will make a difference and will give your day an autumn feeling.

Ask the Experts: 8 Tips to Help You in a Magical Autumn Wedding During COVID-19

5. Table with seasonal flowers and fruits

If you want your table to feel a strong autumn, then dress with wild flowers, candles and seasonal fruits, such as grapes, figs, pomegranates, etc. The wedding planner you have hired or your trusted florist will be able to advise you. What is the best combination for a successful look. It is clear that tones of brown, orange and green would be best to achieve an aesthetic conformity with these months. more options? How about placing some wooden logs with apples or an empty pumpkin filled with a bouquet of dried leaves as earthworms? They will be very creative and beautiful!

6. A delicious seasonal menu

Gastronomically, autumn is associated with mushrooms, nuts, cauliflower, sweet potato, pumpkin, tangerine and figs along with many other options. Thus, at your banquet you cannot miss the delicious tasting menu with more frequent hot dishes made with any of these foods. You can opt for, for example, scallops on pumpkin cream; For pomegranate, quince and goat cheese salad; To suckle pig with pumpkin and yucca; For squid with tamarind and sweet potato, or for tartlets with fig jam. Delicious offer with a vibrant color presentation!
If the wedding is informal or buffet style – as long as the measures established to deal with COVID-19 allow it – the idea is to have multiple corners with cheese boards; Baskets with breads of all types and seeds; Mixed nuts and seasonal mushrooms. In addition, if the event is of rural essence, an outdoor barbecue would be a great option that would win the hearts of everyone present.

Ask the Experts: 8 Tips to Help You in a Magical Autumn Wedding During COVID-19

7. Wedding Cake with Seasonal Fruit

Why not play around with your design to suit the fall setting when it comes to cake? You can help with flowers grafted in sugar, natural petals or seasonal fruits, as well as gold ribbons and green plants. A nude cake with a golden touch or with figs and wild fruits, an iced white cake or a lemon meringue and caramel cake will add some autumn goodness to your day. Show your chosen cake on an old piece of furniture or wooden log and enjoy its taste!

8. Halloween inspired themed wedding

Another curious and interesting idea is to celebrate a Halloween inspired themed wedding. A format suitable only for the most original couples who like this traditional holiday. Skulls, ghosts, spider webs, pumpkins, candles. anything goes. For the party to be a complete success, photocall ideas must include vampire masks, hats and teeth. Be inspired by the colors of autumn and let your imagination take flight.

Ask the Experts: 8 Tips to Help You in a Magical Autumn Wedding During COVID-19

Make day covid friendly

Avoid the rush for a COVID-19 safe wedding!

It is safe to say that a large number of weddings are a thing of the past, for now anyway. So when talking about the amount of people in your marriage, always keep an eye on the changing restrictions. For the UK it is currently 15, down from 30 as it was a few weeks ago. It will be different for other countries. It can also be different if you are organizing a destination wedding, but again you should keep a close watch on travel restrictions.

For wedding favors, it may be an idea to tell your guests that you will be supplying things like face masks and hydro-alcohol gel containers. One less thing to think about them and you can put together a cute little care parcel for each of them.

Communicate settings in advance

The key to planning a Kovid-friendly wedding is preparation and informing your guests of the plans before arriving there. An autumn wedding can often mean a change in weather, so let them know that if you want to keep some part of the day out, wear a warm coat or appropriate feet. Also make sure that blankets and umbrellas are on hand in the event of inclement weather.

Let them know where they are sitting already, which means that there is less crowd around the table plan. These can be given on your wedding website, or in the Whats App group. Communication and pre-planning are prominent.

Ask the Experts: 8 Tips to Help You in a Magical Autumn Wedding During COVID-19

There may be some things you need to compromise on, some ideas that you may need to adapt to fit the new rules, but never fear that the magic of marriage will be the same. your favourite Romantic wedding songs Can still play in the background, even if you can’t do a DJ, you will be organizing a big party, it just has to happen next year. Enjoy the smallest, intimate wedding ceremony and enjoy getting married.

If you are planning Kovid’s wedding then I would love to hear from you. How have you adapted your wedding plans, what is the best thing about a one day fall planning?

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