Ashley Martson & Jay Smith Finalize Their Divorce

After filing for divorce three separate times, 90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson celebrates as her marriage to Jay Smith is officially over.

Looks like the third time’s the charm for 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson. After not one, not two, but three separate divorce filings over the years, her marriage to Jay Smith is officially over. As fans of the show can attest, it’s been quite the roller coaster ride.

Ashley and Jay first appeared on season 6 of the TLC hit. They met at a club in Jamaica, where he lived and she was visiting for a wedding. He found her on social media, proposed after six months, and followed her to the States. They married in 2018 but were plagued from the start by his infidelity. Further complicating matters were legal issues, her threats to have him deported, and when Jay was arrested by ICE. But Ashley took him back multiple times, only for Jay to let her down. Most recently, the pandemic brought them back together in March 2020…but that didn’t last very long. By September they were done for good, with Ashley admitting she couldn’t get past his cheating. She filed for the third time in December, but it still took months to get her estranged spouse to sign the divorce papers.

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While stranger things have happened, Ashley’s reaction to the divorce makes yet another reconciliation seem unlikely. “I’m just happy and feel free,” the 34-year-old told Us Weekly after the divorce was finalized on March 11. “It took a long time to get him to sign. This is a celebration. No sadness over here.” The rejoicing continued on her social media. “If you’re noticing I look happier and a little bit lighter it could be the lipo or it could be that I have a ton of baggage off my shoulders,” she wrote on her Instagram, “This death sentence of a marriage is officially over. Just waiting on the decree! This bitch is single and ready to mingle…Boy is this divorce party gonna be fun!”

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90 Day Fiancé Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

Viewers who watched their TV appearances and the exhausting aftermath are surely hoping this split sticks. In addition to the constant infidelity, Jay repeatedly used her, and the mom of two kept falling for it. She also financially supported the 23-year-old’s career as a tattoo artist, even buying him a shop. While his ex-wife celebrates being single, Jay is apparently still dating Kayla O’Brien, the woman he cheated on Ashley with.

By announcing her intentions to get back into the dating world, perhaps Ashley will turn up on the 90 Day Fiance spin-off The Single Life. Fans probably shouldn’t be holding their breath, however, since she’s distanced herself from the franchise in the past.

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: Us Weekly, Ashley Martson

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