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Ashley Graham shared a lot of hers pregnancy on Instagram and continues to do so today, now the new mother of little Isaac. After the photos of feeding time and disposable underwear the model breaks down another great taboo of motherhood: the stretch marks. It was March when the model showed the first images of her post belly belly bump.

An “side-effect“(If we want to call it that) of paunch & Co. which often generates insecurity in women. The good example, a good example of self-esteem and self-love, Ashley Graham gives it to us, who comments on the photo with a concise and powerful “same me. few new stories”To underline the fact that becoming a mother adds new intense stories to one’s life story. In fact, the model returns to show these “new stories” also in her latest post dedicated to the new campaign of her line of costumes Swimsuits for All taken by Isaac’s partner and dad, Justin Ervin.

Here more photos shared by Ashley Graham on maternity & Co.

Red stretch marks: what they are

They have a vivid color and are, to put it in a nutshell, “new”, just formed. Just like Ashley Graham’s. “Stretch marks”, explained dr. Sergio Noviello, aesthetic doctor and cosmetic surgeon, medical director of Milano Estetica in this article, “They are determined by loss of strength of the fibrous component of the dermis which occurs in the presence of high estrogen hormone values, a characteristic situation in some endocrinological diseases such as Cushing’s disease, during puberty or pregnancy or following a major weight loss. Initially they look like reddish stripes that line the areas of the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, breasts and arms and over time they tend to become white. It is an imperfection to whose formation also contribute greatly hereditary factors “.

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