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Ariana Grande Has Bought More Than $20 Million In Real Estate This Month Alone

Ariana Grande seems to be on a buying spree lately. She recently bought a Hollywood Hills home for $ 13.7 million, and now Dirt.com reports that it also purchased the historic Porter House in Montecito for $ 6.75 million. Seller? None other than a comedian, talk show host and professional pinball machine Ellen Degeneres, who bought and renovated the property in January.

Porter House

Describing Porter House as “historic” is not just marketing jargon. The structure dates back, in a sense, to the 18th century in England in the form of two barns, before being finally demolished, shipped to California, and rebuilt in the two-bedroom house of 5500 square feet that it is today. The official list described it as a “sophisticated fairytale property”, in progress:

“The wise and wavy woodwork gives an impression of spirit and fantasy throughout the house. As the light changes throughout the day, different areas of the residents come to life. Enjoy the morning slats in the solarium. Organize an epic cocktail in the lounge. “Magical outdoor spaces are framed by stone walls and fragrant flowers to create memorable moments at every turn.”

Ariana Grande Has Bought More Than $20 Million
Ariana Grande Has Bought More Than $20 Million – Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Between the $ 6.75 million for the Porterhouse and the $ 13.7 million house in Hollywood Hills, Ariana Grande has been a little bit buying real estate recently, which only makes sense if you understand how long at home she spent recently. The purchases come when Grande is said to have spent a great deal of time in a Mediterranean-style mansion rented in Los Angeles with a generous entourage of staff and close friends. Presumably, the new purchases indicate that Grande and the company will be leaving this property, located somewhere near Benedict Canyon, very soon if they have not already done so.

In case you missed it, the new Hollywood Hills Grande house is a state-of-the-art house in the famous Bird Streets area, saturated with celebrities and would serve as the artist’s main residence. As for Ellen, she shames Grande’s real estate, with a prodigious record of buying and selling homes and a declared $ 100 million in real estate in the United States.

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