Are you stuck in the labyrinth of passwords?

Are you stuck in the labyrinth of passwords?

Labyrinth of passwords: Till the smartphones adopt the fingerprint tech, tongue, touch tech and face recognition tech we still have to rely on passwords to keep our information, transactions and personal info safe and secured. One needs to maintain multiple passwords to keep your valuable information procured. Depending on the yardstick of easily remembered and info safe from hackers keep these points in mind while developing a password for your every significant move.

Labyrinth of passwords

The father of the password recently realized that he made a huge mistake by making a combination of letters, symbols, and number mandatory for passwords. So developing a password something like ABC @#$123 constitutes one of the best ways to put complexity in it which is certainly not true. This way you may confuse the person standing behind you. But the software that keeps trying different combinations for you is least bothered about your password. So creating a password like THISISMYPEN is much safer than 246$%&DFE.

System Keeps telling

Our system keeps telling us the strength of our password. Systems is also a big myth, as a result, varies on different checkers, and you can’t rely on them for complete safety. This concludes that choosing the password that is close to your favorite phrase and weaving it into a password for procuring your personal information under tight security check is a much easier task. Let’s understand it with an example, suppose you are a big fan of a celebrity Amitabh Bachchan so keeping a password like Agnipath with your lucky or unlucky number can serve your purpose.

Once you have created a password, follow these do’s and Don’ts-

Keep mum

Never share your password with anyone. Doesn’t matter whosoever is close to you. Never make a mistake of becoming a victim of honey-coated chats. Sharing your passwords and social media accounts can lend you in deep trouble, so beware of hiding these private notes. If you have shared your passwords or any such details with your so-called relative, then change it, immediately.

Labyrinth of passwords

Penning it

Remembering every password that you have created for managing your various accounts is a daunting task.  For this, you need not look for your pen to write it down in your diary or on a piece of paper. Saving it on your laptop is another bad idea that you can rely on. This is something confidential and private as it unlocks the way to your intimate details,   so don’t make it publicly open to all by scribbling it on a paper or in a diary.

Don’t select the password that is easy to guess

One of the most common problems in creating a password is that we often create a password which is easier for us to remember like birthday dates, anniversaries or only the name of our children. Such kinds of passwords are more susceptible to hackers. Be a discreet person while deciding passwords.

Keep it simple and short (KISS) 

Most of us believe that longer password with the addition of numerals and special characters are the most strong passwords. By keeping a longer password, you may lend yourself in a difficult situation at the hour of need in case you are not able to recall it promptly. For simpler life keeps simple passwords.

Quick to remember

Your password should be like, more comfortable for you to recall. It should be easy to remember, but with a discreet tint to it. While creating a password, select the one that immediately comes to your mind. It can be the name of your dream place or the name of some secret crush. Selecting an unknown date that is not known to all sounds good for keeping important information under security.

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