Are you looking for a perfect selfie makeup?

Are you looking for a perfect selfie makeup?

Beautiful skin is the thing of the past presently people target becoming selfie queen. With social networking sites laying the red carpet for beautiful people and likes and comments adding fuel to the fire has made everyone make progressive steps so that they can earn more likes and lovely comments.

Be it a teenager, working women or a homemaker everyone wants to post a beautiful picture so that they may win the crown of selfie queen and attract more and more likes and comments. To fulfil your wish of becoming a selfie queen your skin should look good and flawless. Smartphones with 13 megapixels have also elevated the pleasure of posting a striking selfie.

perfect selfie makeup
perfect selfie makeup

Clicking selfie from this smartphone is an easy job, but clicking the perfect selfie picture is a difficult task. Perfect makeup, camera angle, the background has to be kept in mind while clicking that magical selfie. Here are a few magical tips that will help you get beautiful skin just perfect for head-turning selfie-


perfect selfie makeup
perfect selfie makeup
  1. Avoid SPF enriched beauty products– Such products will make your skin look cleans because SPF covers the surface with a self-layer shine so that it reflects sunlight and keep you protected from sun tan.
  2. Use matt primer– Matt primer works wonderfully on the sensitive or oily skin; it will prevent shine in the T Zone area. It will also restrict the shine of the oily skin. Plus, it will hide the blemishes of the facial skin and help in getting a younger, fresher and beautiful skin just perfect for selfie crazy people.
  3. Black mascara is best– Don’t forget to apply mascara while clicking the selfie and choosing black is an excellent choice. It will make your eyes look bold and beautiful. It will make you look attractive and highlight the features of the face. Your dress may be of blue, green or any other color but make sure that you apply black mascara only while taking a selfie perfect shot.
  4. Eyebrows– No wonder a well-shaped eyebrow will make you look younger by five years a revealed by the recent studies. Properly done eyebrows will provide a neat and clean look. Before clicking selfie apply eyebrow pencil. Make it look dark and a bit thick. Thin and light eyebrows will make your face look more of your actual age.
  5. Eyelashes– Crayon based Kajal pencil is just perfect for grabbing maximum likes and comments on the selfie post. Apply it for the picture-perfect look.
    perfect selfie makeup
    perfect selfie makeup
  6. Lips– Fuller lips are just perfect for pout selfie. For snapping purpose, apply highlighter at the cupid bow. If you are targeting classic look in your perfect shot, then matt lipstick is just right for you and if you want a pouting look then, apply sensual lip gloss. Make sure you don’t apply dark shades, especially if you are a matured person this will only elevate your actual age and lips will look wrinkled. If your lips are the attraction of the face, then try bold colors with lip gloss and even highlight proffer filter to highlight them.
  7. Blush on– Peach and pink colors are just perfect for a picture-perfect selfie. Highlight your cheekbones with using these shades, and you are all set for your desired goal.
  8. Bronzer– For a beautiful and attractive skin, which is just right for a selfie, go for matt bronzer as shiny bronzer looks good from the front but is not suitable for your selfie purpose.
  9. Smile– Healthy skin smiles back radiance glow. Pout smile is out of fashion now and when you are hitting 500 likes then click a perfect smiley pic that is just right for the purpose.
  10. The hair-do-proper hairstyle can make or break the entire look. If you are targeting a perfect shot style your hair with a curl or waves. This will provide volume to your face and if you are all set to take a selfie during your picnic or outings then don’t forget to carry a hair spray with you.
    perfect selfie makeup
    perfect selfie makeup
  11. Lightning– Lightning plays an essential role in the perfect shot, be it a sensitive skin or beautiful skin, front light or light overhead will help you get a perfect shot. The golden rule is to take a selfie in natural light that will help you grab more likes and comments.
  12. Placement of hand– while clicking the shot make sure that your hand is not shaky it should firmly hold the smartphone and then click the ball. Opting for burst mode is equally good as it will allow you to take multiple shots at a time and then you can select the best pic and upload it.
  13. Background– Like your healthy skin reflects your inner health in the same way the experience will reflect your selfie. The environment should be attractive and catchy. This will help you to take the perfect picture. It will be awesome if the backgrounds match your dress. If you want to hit more likes and comments, then selfie in the bedroom or drawing is strictly prohibited.
  14. Camera angle– your healthy skin will reflect a perfect picture with the help of the corner of the camera you choose. If you bend your head sideways, then it will give a stylish photo.
  15. Accessories– One most important thing when you are ready to click you selfie pose, then don’t forget the importance of accessories. They enhance your beautiful skin and fill it with extra glamour. But doesn’t use accessories as it will spoil the look. Selecting a single attachment at the time is just the need of the hour.
  16. Filter– To camouflage the faults of sensitive skin makes sure that you use a screen. It will hide the problems of sensitive skin and make your skin looks supple and even. Use it to highlight your eyes and lips. The two most important features of your beautiful skin.

How to Get Flawless Skin the Right Way

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