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Are You Covered by Insurance in a Road Rage Incident?

In a perfect world, each car driver drives their vehicle responsibly without the need to worry about inappropriate or dangerous driving of the next car. Unfortunately, life is far from perfect and the streets can be an extremely dangerous place for everyone who shares it. Fortunately, there is insurance that protects us from the real chance of accidents occurring.

Road rage is the term used for people who get behind the wheel when they are angry or upset and drive aggressively, venting their frustrations where they shouldn’t be vented, causing chaos, disorder, fear and harm.

For the driver who falls into this category, the insurance will not protect them from a consequent claim or lawsuit. Insurance companies have designed their policies to ensure that liability is covered in the event of an accidental accident. In the case of road rage, the lack of an adequate driving label is a deliberate act and the industry will not compensate for the losses.

The logic, of course, is in favor of this. And what about the victim of road rage? Does car or truck insurance cover the victim?

While the “crazy driver” is legally liable for all damages, there are methods to be used to ensure that you are covered as you should be. The industry offers the following options to all plans that offer the additional protection you may need from the dangers of road rage.

Auto insurance with full coverage included, as well as collision coverage will benefit the innocent victim from damage to the vehicle or to people, injury or even death.

When everything is said and done, however, every responsible driver – regardless of the coverage he has – doesn’t want to be involved in an anger on the road. So how does the “average Joe / Jane” protect himself from being victimized? The following will provide indications:

1. Do not respond to any provocation. Giving a crush on tat can only increase the perpetuator’s aggressiveness.

2. Allow the other driver’s room to pass.

3. Close and lock all the windows of the machine; lock the doors.

4. Attempt to accelerate.

5. Store the road rager license number in memory and report it to the authorities when you return home or off your road.

Being prepared is the best way out of a bad situation. For more information on road rabies coverage and prevention, speak with an experienced and independent agent who serves the wider community with all forms of auto, home, business, life and more insurance.

by M Wyzanski

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