Are PS5 & Xbox Series X Worth Getting In 2021, 5 Months After Launch?

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are a few months old now, so are the new consoles worth buying when they’re so difficult to find in 2021?

The beginning of a new console generation is always an exciting time to be a gamer, but the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X might be the start of a new era in which upgrading to new hardware isn’t as imperative as it once was. Since the new consoles are still difficult to find and there are all kinds of games still releasing on last-gen hardware, is it worth buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X in 2021, now that they’ve been out for a few months?

The Xbox Series X and PS5 released back in November 2020, and they were a nightmare to find. Scalpers scooped up consoles in stock and sold them online for double the price when they were already in extremely high demand. If anything, the impressive specs and unique features of these products were overshadowed by their scarcity, and that’s still the case today. The situation is already frustrating enough, but many people are currently struggling financially due to the global pandemic, which only makes the problem more profound.

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Xbox and PlayStation fans alike would certainly benefit from many of the features added to these platforms. Both consoles take advantage of improved specs, and their SSDs can dramatically reduce load times. The PS5’s DualSense controller adds haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that can make in-game actions feel more realistic and immersive, and Xbox Game Pass is a great deal that can be taken advantage of on Xbox Series X. But are all of these factors worth getting a brand-new console for?

Why It Might Be Best To Wait On PS5 & Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X PS5 Consoles

Current Xbox Series X and PS5 owners have been mostly having a smooth experience (with the exception of the occasional drifting PS5 controller), but there isn’t much incentive to purchase the new consoles at the moment. They’re still not readily available in stores, meaning customers either have to wait for more stock to arrive or purchase one from a scalper. Even the retail price of $500 dollars is quite high during a pandemic, especially for a machine that hardly has any exclusive content on it. With rare exceptions like Demon’s Souls, gamers can play most brand new titles on last-generation consoles just fine. Major upcoming games like Halo Infinite, Horizon Forbidden West, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits are all going to be available on last-generation hardware. Plus, Xbox Game Pass is still available on Xbox One, and there are free PlayStation Plus games on PS4, as well.

Ironically, the people who would currently benefit most from buying these new consoles might be those who are already in the market for an Xbox One or PS4. If one doesn’t currently own either platform, it would be wise to buy a new console instead, since they’re backwards compatible with older systems. PS5 owners even receive a bunch of free PS4 games after paying for PlayStation Plus, which is a huge benefit. Prospective buyers could also purchase an Xbox Series S for only $300 dollars and have access to Xbox Game Pass on capable hardware. Ultimately, though, both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are fun platforms that will eventually be worth the investment, once Microsoft and Sony pump some more exclusives into them and make them readily available.

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