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Are Neck Tattoos A Bad Idea?

Choosing to get a neck tattoo is a big deal. Neck tattoos are usually very noticeable. The only place where tattoos are more visible than the neck is the face. So, we understand when a lot of people tend to question their decision to get a tattoo straight on their neck. And, if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people.

Well, we’ll be completely honest from the start. In the following paragraphs, you will find out why neck tattoos are not just a bad idea, but rather a terrible idea for a tattoo. So if you’re interested in a little truth and doom, then let’s get started!

Neck Tattoos – All You Need To Know

Red tattoo on women's neck
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1. The issue of neck and skin placement

Now, one of the biggest reasons why neck tattoos are a bad idea is because of the very skin on the neck. The skin on the neck is extremely thin and very delicate to handle and susceptible to damage. Because the neck is an area filled with nerves and nerve endings, the thinness of the skin makes it easier to access the nerves and causes incredible skin pain and irritation.

The sides of the neck are perhaps the least susceptible to tattooing, but even then you can expect severe irritation and pain. The front of the neck is one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo, especially for men. The skin on the front of the neck is extremely thin and there is no muscle mass. If you decide to get a neck tattoo, you can expect to experience breathing difficulties and probably intolerable pain.

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2. Neck tattoos and discoloration

Now imagine going through all the pain and suffering of a neck tattoo just to see it fade faster than your other inks.

Well, it all comes down to the skin, again. The skin on the neck is incredibly stretchy and as one ages the skin becomes loose with no elasticity or ability to return to its original shape. Because of this, the neck of the tattoo will also stretch, the ink will spread and lose its original shine and shape. So, the fading of the tattoo in this case is inevitable, sooner rather than later.

In addition, there is also the question of the tattoo itself. Because the skin on the neck is so thin, there is a risk that the tattoo artist will mess it up. If the needle goes too deep into the skin, there is a risk of a rash. And, if the artist is too careful and doesn’t apply enough pressure, the tattoo will disappear in an instant.

Neck tattoos are also almost always exposed. This means that the neck tattoo will experience the highest levels of sun exposure, which further affects the quality of the tattoo and hastens the fading process. Movement of the head and neck can also contribute to fading issues and sometimes make the tattoo blurry and indistinct.

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3. Neck tattoos and pain

Neck Tattoos and Pain
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As we mentioned earlier, the neck region is filled with nerves and nerve endings. Thus, pain levels generally vary between extremely high and intolerable for the majority of people. Here is a brief overview of the pain of neck tattoos when it comes to placement on the neck;

  • Front of the neck – it is, as we mentioned, one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. Because the skin is extremely thin, there is no muscle mass, no fat, and the trachea and thyroid cartilage are just under the skin, the pain can be almost intolerable.

When tattooing the front of the neck, one may experience discomfort and breathing problems. If the front tattoo goes down to the collarbone, the pain may continue to be high because the collarbone area is bony and the skin is also extremely thin.

  • The back of the neck – the most popular neck tattoo area is the nape of the neck. Now, depending on the precise location of the tattoo on the back, the pain can range from severe to extreme. The skin there is also incredibly thin, and the cranial nerves also have to be taken into account. These nerves transfer signals (such as pain) from the organs to the brain.

The least painful part of the neck is the lowest part of the neck; on the side of the spine or more towards the shoulder area. Here the skin is a little thicker and there is more fat to absorb some of the pain.

  • side of the neck – it is considered the least painful area to get a neck tattoo. The side of the neck has a lot of nerve endings, but not as many as the front of the neck. Even so, you can expect high levels of pain even in this area, as the skin is still thin and there are many nerve endings that can cause pain, irritation, and significant skin damage.

4. Neck Tattoos and Healing Issues

Because the skin on the neck is thin and movement of the neck is frequent and necessary, neck tattoos can have trouble healing properly.

Due to the constant movement, healing may take several weeks to several months. The skin will have a hard time drying out completely and healing without interruption.

You may also be more inclined to touch and stretch a neck tattoo because it sits just below your face. Many people touch and scratch tattoos while they sleep, which increases the risk of transferring bacteria from the finger to the tattoo. As a result, you may experience serious inflammation and infection issues.

Not to mention that a tattoo needs to be covered during the aftercare and healing process. And neck tattoos are almost impossible to cover up, as not much clothing reaches the neck area. Also, you will still need to wear sunscreen, even after the tattoo has fully healed. This will protect it somewhat from sun exposure and may alleviate discoloration issues.

5. Cost of neck tattoos

The cost of neck tattoo, like any other tattoo, depends on many factors. For example, the size of the tattoo, the complexity of the design, the placement of the tattoo, the coloring and the details, and of course, the tattoo artist; all this can affect the final cost.

So when it comes to size, a simple 2×2 neck tattoo can cost up to $200. But, when you start sizing, adding details and including an original design, the maximum price for a neck tattoo can go up to $4000. So not only will the tattoo hurt like hell, but it will also take your last penny out of pocket.

For that amount of money, you can get a masterpiece tattoo in virtually any other area of ​​the body, and sometimes even pay less. Not to mention that you can always opt for areas of the body that hurt less; for example, consider getting a tattoo on your upper thigh, abdomen, upper arm, calf, or anywhere else with thicker skin and fewer nerve endings.

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6. Neck tattoos and work issues

As we mentioned, neck tattoos, alongside face tattoos, are probably the most visible. So, as you can imagine, the visibility of the tattoo can create professional problems, concerning your workplace and your customer relationship. Unfortunately, our society isn’t used to tattoos being a completely normal occurrence, and everyone feels entitled to comment on someone else’s decision and choices for their own body. .

But, until we wake up to a more tolerable society, neck tattoos will continue to be a possible problem for those seeking employment or working with clients. Tattoos, especially visible ones, are often associated with crime, bad behavior, gangs, and similar misconceptions.

So, depending on your gender and type of job, your neck tattoo will affect how people, clients, colleagues, and your employers see you.

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7. Reconsider the idea

Before getting a neck tattoo, be sure to think carefully about why you want a tattoo placed directly on your neck. If you want to get a neck tattoo to feel “cool” and “badass,” then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

Just because some famous rapper or artist gets neck tattoos doesn’t mean you should too. Their career will not be affected by getting such inks as the tattoos are part of the image they convey.

Many professional tattoo artists strongly advise against neck tattoos, for the aforementioned reasons. Neck tattoos hurt, are expensive, and fade quickly, making them unworthy of your money, or the pain you will have to endure. Not to mention possible problems at work; Neck tattoos can unfortunately reduce your chances of getting a good job.

But, if you still want to get a tattoo, consider other areas of the body. If this is your first tattoo, go for areas that have thicker skin, more fat, and fewer nerve endings. Also, for the first time, try getting a smaller, less exposed tattoo just to see if you’ll have any allergic reactions to the ink or infection issues.

Final Thoughts

Getting a tattoo is a big deal, but having one on your face or neck is even more important. We really recommend that you think about the placement of your tattoo and the type of tattoo you are getting. Try to consult serious professional tattoo artists. they will give you good advice on your tattoo and where would be the best placement.

Remember; tattoos are a lifetime commitment. Of course, you can get rid of a tattoo with laser treatment, for example. But laser treatments hurt more than the tattoos themselves. So ask yourself; is it really something you want to go through?

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