Are Black Gemstones On Trend for 2021?

Are Black Gemstones On Trend for 2021?

Over the centuries, various gemstones have cycled in and out of popularity, but black gemstones have consistently been admired year after year. While traditional diamonds have always been admired for their sparkle and gemstones such as rubies and sapphires are enjoyed for their bright color, gemstones have a different appeal. Black diamonds and onyx are adored because they are mysterious and unexpected. Their dark beauty and luster coordinate beautifully with all other colors in the spectrum and can be worn with any outfit or style.

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Black Gemstones in History

Black gemstones have been prized throughout history for their deep, inky beauty. A black stone that’s faceted and polished has a sleek, smooth surface that is stunning set in jewelry. In ancient times, black stones were often revered. The Black Stone of the Kaaba, embedded in the Al-Haram mosque, is believed to have been placed there over 4,000 and is held in high esteem by today’s Muslims.

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Many Italians believe that touching a black stone can bring about reconciliation between people. It is also associated with marital harmony and good luck. It should come as no surprise that a black diamond engagement ring is the choice of many modern brides looking for a symbol of harmonious love. The deep, rich color of black gemstones are also associated with passionate love.

While black gemstones have been around for thousands of years, black diamonds are relative newcomers on the jewelry scene. They were discovered in the 1840s and quickly garnered interest because of their unique beauty and rareness. Even today, black diamonds are only found in Brazil and a land-locked region in the Central African Republic.

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Why Are Black Gemstones Popular?

The rarity of these beautiful, glistening black stones makes them desirable to anyone looking for something both unusual and unique. Black diamonds are incredibly versatile in jewelry because their color works so well with any kind of setting. While white diamonds tend to look best in white gold or platinum, black diamonds look spectacular in any setting.

You don’t have to worry about yellow gold or rose gold altering a black diamond’s appearance, while a white diamond will tend to take on a slightly yellow or pink hue when mounted in these metals. Any gold shade looks lovely against the sheen of a black diamond and highlights the color of rose, white, or yellow gold due to the high contrast.

While black diamonds are relatively rare, they are less expensive than white diamonds because you don’t have to worry about the stone’s clarity or purity. Imperfections within the stone, including carbon deposits, give black diamonds their dramatic, opaque color. You can also find these colored stones in a range of shades from a deep, smoky grey to coal black, giving you color options that work well in combination.

Black is the most beloved color in fashion and has been for generations. Think of the little black dress, black tie events, gothic style, and the romanticism of an elegant, black gown. There is a universal appeal that simultaneously reflects the profound individuality of the wearer. The design of the clothing or jewelry defines whether black is edgy, classic, or romantic. This versatility makes black gemstones perfect for jewelry with a distinctive feel.

Celebrities Rocking the Black Gemstone Trend

Many celebrities are flashing black diamond engagement rings and other jewelry in recent years. The trend first took off when Carrie Bradshaw, the lead character in the popular TV series “Sex and the City,” received a black diamond engagement ring from her fiancé. His statement that he chose it because she wasn’t like other women sealed the deal and ensured the soaring popularity of black gems.

Real-life celebrities have embraced the beauty of the stone on red carpets everywhere. The most popular style is in a stunning engagement ring or cocktail ring, with Carmen Electra, Shenae Grimes, and Jennie Garth all flashing black gemstone rings. Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively often wear various signature jewelry pieces featuring black gemstones, as does Rose Byrne.

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 Current Trends in Black Gemstones

So how do you pull off wearing black gemstones or diamonds? It’s an easy look to wear as long as you know what style you want your jewelry to reflect. Because black stones are such a dramatic color, they need the proper setting for a balanced look.

If you want something sleek and modern, you’ll easily be able to find lots of black diamond jewelry. The color is a natural for shiny, simplified but bold styles. Whether you love the look of a chunky, Art Deco style bracelet or an elegant ring with the diamond center stage, you’ll find lots of contemporary and modern pieces. These tend to be set in white gold with minimal embellishment. Look for details like emerald-cut stones, simple bands, and chunky settings.

Classic diamond rings styles such as princess solitaires and halo rings look lovely with black center gemstones. Halo rings, in particular, are a great way to highlight a black diamond. The surrounding white diamonds give engagement rings an added visual pop and frame the black diamond, so its color truly stands out.

For a more Gothic look, consider a ring featuring multiple black diamonds. Using black diamonds as the accent stones and the central gem transforms the look of a classic halo ring. It becomes dark and mysterious rather than traditional. For the more romantic, rose gold and black diamond jewelry beautifully blend the elegance of black with a lighter, airier look. Pink and black are a stunning combination that looks fantastic with everything from the most formal gowns to jeans and tanks. The delicate shade of pink found in rose gold jewelry provides a delightful contrast to the black.

How to Choose Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are real diamonds, but they are different from white diamonds in a few crucial ways. First, they are never perfect or free of inclusions or flaws. They have many inclusions and imperfections. These are what give black diamonds their distinctive color. The more inclusions and clusters of blemishes such as graphite, hematite, and carbon, the darker the diamond will look.

Colors can range from deep greys to total black, depending on the volume of imperfections and their distribution throughout the stone.The more evenly distributed the color throughout the stone, the greater its value.Many black diamonds are natural diamonds that are heavily colored in nature. However, some are treated with high temperatures to darken the grey areas and transform them into a  deeper, truer black.

While colorless or near-colorless diamonds are graded based on cut, clarity, color, and carat-weight, you can’t use traditional color or clarity grades for black diamonds, which are usually opaque. Because all black diamonds have similar saturation and clarity is not a consideration, there is only one color grade – Fancy Black. Look for a stone with uniform color that is dark and nearly or entirely opaque.

Finally, keep in mind that you should take special care with your black diamonds due to the inclusions in the stone and its structure. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners or subject them to harsh chemicals. While these black gemstones are extremely hard, they are also less stable than white diamonds, so treat them like other, delicate gems such as opals.

Black gemstones are most definitely trending for 2021, a year when individuality and strength will be reflected in the beauty of black diamond jewelry.  By Lori Hilliard

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