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Are Animals’ Soul Contracts and Pet Past Lives Part of the Pet Reincarnation Process?

Most animal guardians consider their pet’s family members. After the death of an animal, many animal owners undergo all the processes of human mourning. Animal reincarnation is a new spiritual perspective and a re for supporting grief over the loss of a pet.

Are the soul contracts of animals and pets real? Yes! The first type of animal soul contract is called “Karmic”. A karmic contract affects fate within a single incarnation. A karmic contract is limited to this particular lifespan and can always be a segment of a larger soul engagement for multiple reincarnations in the life of an owner.

Here are some examples:

Pet Reincarnation Process
Pet Reincarnation Process

1. A bomb dog who dies discovering a minefield to save his platoon.

2. A therapy dog ​​that inspires the Alzheimer patient from a health care home to speak for the first time in many years.

These are experiences that affect the fate of their human companion. The karma of the animal (or the choice of the soul) facilitated the outcome of the interaction with this human.

The number of agreements between the soul of a pet and its person determines the number of previous lives of pets that an animal will share with its companion in a single life or in several lives.

Here are several types of spiritual arrangements for pets that an animal can configure in its reincarnation process:

Over-fouling: when the late animal contracts to lead a new or old pet from a “higher” perspective.

Contractual walk:

It is when the energy of the deceased animal moves in the body of another animal which has agreed to move when the energy of the disappeared animal reincarnates.

Soul braiding:

It is a shared contract when the deceased animal returns to share in the body of a current animal.

New physical contract:

The energy of the animal that has passed comes back in a new physical form.

Life after animal death is the time when the life force energy of a pet resides in a sacred place after it has transitioned over the Rainbow Bridge. The soul of a pet can be “in service” or live in this dimension forever or it can choose to reincarnate.

Therefore, after the death of a pet and during the grief of losing your pet, keep your heart confident that the energy and love of your pet’s life force do not end never. The reincarnation process has been adopted by many of the oldest religions in the world. Even if you are skeptical, what do you have to lose by considering the possibility?

If that is what you have committed to do, it may only be a matter of time until your beloved pet companion returns with you!

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