Top Arabic Mehndi Designs 2020

arabic mehndi designs
Arabic mehndi designs

Best known for their free-flowing trails and modish appearance, Arabic mehndi designs have an unparalleled eye-pleasing charm. They are unsurprisingly one of the most loved and sought after kind of mehndi designs among women of all ages. Well, as the name itself suggests, Arabic mehndi designs originally hail from Arabian countries but have now paved their way to Asian nations and gained more popularity. Whether it is a wedding or some festival, Arabic mehndi designs are apt for all sorts of occasions. Girls in India and Pakistan also swear by these gorgeous mehndi designs to beautify their hands and feet.

Talking about their design elements, Arabic mehndi is majorly dominated with floral artwork, paisleys and free-flowing diagonal trails. These designs also include a lot of leafy motifs, architecture inspired patterns and neat checkered arrangements – all of them set together to cover the hand and feet in an edgy way. Also, Arabic mehendi is applied with bolder strokes and hence looks more prominent compared to other mehndi designs. There is also a significant role of empty spaces in this style of mehndi design, which makes it look classier and edgier. The distinctive floral patterns flowing freely and the leafy patterns entangled together, giving rise to another trail in Arabian mehndi design further lends it a lively appeal and makes it look like life is springing out of them.

Well, if you are on a spree looking for some amazing Arabic mehndi designs (for foot, hands, full hands), your quest ends here. Down here, we have enlisted 110+ best Arabic mehndi designs which will win your heart with their mesmerizing beauty. Whether you are looking for simple or elaborate designs, look nowhere else cuz we have covered them all!

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Simple mehndi designs are great for beginners to hone their skills. These designs include simplistic trails and motifs with repetitive strokes which are quick and easy to draw. These designs also make for perfect options for the girls who wish to adorn their hand and feet with minimal mehndi designs.

1. Paisleys Patterns

How stunning is this Arabic mehndi design with prominent paisley patterns! The centre portion of the backhand is beautifully adorned with an intriguing design, whereas the fingers are also accentuated with statement Arabic style strokes.


2. Sheer elegance with lotus motifs

We totally love this mehndi design for its charismatic simplicity. Much like most Arabic mehndi designs, only of the fingers is beautified with henna and stunning henna art is done on the rest of the portion leading to a band on the wrist. The dainty lotus motifs with bold boundaries amidst the symmetrical lines are further adding charm to this mehndi design.

amrita hen

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3. An intricate trailed pattern

Trailed diagonal patterns which are popularly known as ‘bel’ are an imperative part of Arabic mehndi designs. And this simple bel design with floral motifs, leafy patterns and dotted details looks so pretty.

jees mithun

4. The dual magic

The charm of the Arabian design doubles up when it comprises two distinct trails – each drawn with acute finesse.

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5. Daisy trail on the backhand

Pretty, modern, classy and charming are the words that best describe this beautiful Arabic daisy trail drawn on the backhand.

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6. Sheer elegance

This minimal and wide-spaced mehndi design is sheer elegance. The ring style patterns on fingers with leaf-dropping and the modish henna art on the wrists is worth swooning over.


7. Oh so minimal!

It is also quite common to have Arabic mehndi designs on the feet! And this one is a simplistic tattoo made of some playful strokes.

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8. Leafy trails and intricate patterns on fingers

All the fingers are semi-laden with different patterns which look absolutely chic and edgy! The pattern on the middle finger is leading to a leafy trail with a floral motif in between. Also, the floral motif’s boundaries are note-worthy; they are highlighted with bolder strokes.


9. Gorgeous yet simple Arabic mehendi design

It is most common to have Arabic mehndi designs imprinted on the backhand, but that doesn’t mean they look any less beauteous on the palm! Have a look at this stunning design and you will be floored too. We love the hearty combination of symmetric checks with the signature Arabic patterns. Also, the V-shaped design on the wrist looks so sharp and sophisticated.

non minal beaty

10. An Arabic anklet tattoo

This one is perfect for beginners to try their hand on Arabic mehndi patterns! This one is a simple Arabic henna tattoo drawn on the anklet. As you can notice, it has lots of curves, diagonal strokes and it is flowing like a trail.

a kauser designs

11. A modish trail

This well-detailed Arabic trail on the front hand with a checkered prominence look great, doesn’t it?

non minal beaty

12. Well-detailed checkered pattern with floral highlights

This mehndi design is majorly dominated with symmetric lattice design, which is inspired by the architectural accentuations formed by windows in Mosques! However, we love how the floral trails are paired with geometric checks and are adding so much oomph to this mehndi design.

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13. An eye-catchy design

Dominated by circular patterns on the backhand, this Arabian mehndi trail is so gripping! And oh, that dainty detailing around the thumb’s nail is so cute.


14. A full-fledged peacock

Mini peacock motifs are a core part of Arabian mehndi design, but this particular design has a full-fledged peacock drawn on the backhand. It definitely looks stunning but is not as difficult to draw as it may seem to be.


15. Distant designs

Go for an unusual and contemporary mehndi design like this which is not a trail or all-about-paisleys! It has beauteous Arabian tattoos etched on a noticeable distance which make it look as interesting as a maze. And oh, the stunning patterns on the fingers are so drool-worthy.

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16. Enchanting Blooms

Arabic mehndi designs are best known for being spacey! And this design is one such example with a lot of empty space and beautiful paisley and floral patterns.

F sheth

17. Intricate swirls and minimalist florals

This elegant mehndi design is drawn with smartness! It is so beautiful to look at but is easier to draw. The fingers are gracefully adorned with flower motifs and dainty dots, whereas the key highlight of this design has repetitive swirls.


18. A quintessential Arabic bel

Traditional paisleys to flower motifs, this diagonally flowing trail has all elements of a quintessential Arabic mehndi design.

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19. A basic designs with repetitive strokes

This Arabian mehndi design with a rose motif is undeniably beautiful and widely spread. But that doesn’t mean it is very difficult to draw. If you notice, this design has a lot of empty space and repetitive strokes which are beautified with some bold outlines.


20. When simplicity and prettiness combine!

A yet another beautiful Arabic trail made with simple strokes. The unique pattern on the finger-tips is totally steal-worthy. Also, can you spot the hidden alphabets in this mehndi? 😉

36611892 479243495831612 5112474407662518272 n

21. The one with thicker strokes

This one is a rather unique Arabic mehndi design with thicker strokes which is lending it a 3-D appeal. This design is also a perfect concoction of modernity and traditionalism.

aman gupta

22. A beautiful play of light and dark strokes

The USP of this Arabic mehndi design lies in the breathtaking rose motifs drawn with light and bold henna strokes. They not only look playful but also look very artsy.

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23. Hand Ornament

Doesn’t this pretty mehndi design on the backhand resembles a hand ornament? We heartily adore the simplicity of this design.

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24. Simplicity at its best

Here, a simplistic Arabic bel is accentuated with striped stokes. The continuous stripes lend a chic appeal to this backhand mehndi design.

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25. Sharp and Edgy

Unlike easy-flowing Arabic patterns, this mehndi design features a structural shape with sharp edges. There is an extensive use of lines, symmetry and light-dark strokes.

26. A pretty coiled design on the sides

Here is a yet another simple yet pretty Arabic mehndi design for the sides of your feet. This one features 3 coiled structures set next to each other which are further amped with patterned highlights.

27. Dimensional circular patterns

This Arabic backhand mehendi design features circular strokes and a very doable ring-style pattern on the fingers.

31 2

28. A coiled bel

The diagonal bels have always been a fad among girls when it comes to mehendi and this one with coiled patterns is sure to grab you a lot of compliments.

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29. A trail so simple and stylish

For the ones who wish to make a style statement with simplicity, this minimal trail is a great option.


30. The design that looks like an accessory

We love how this elegant Arabic mehndi design looks like a modish accessory. The pearl and mesh detailing on fingers look great with the multiple floral festoons.

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31. A swirly affair

Enchanting florals, lots of swirls and some paisleys combine together with neatness to form this lovely Arabic mehndi design.


32. A trail flowing from the middle finger

All the fingers are laden with henna but the middle one leads to a structural pattern that is further connected to the mehendi bracelet on the wrist. The half-empty space on the back of the palm looks so sassy.


33. Sweet and simple

A neat and intricate mandala design teamed up with dainty-pretty patterns on the fingertips.

1594307745 405 pinnn

34. Curled-up!

This is one of the most simple Arabic mehndi designs. Draw basic curled-up lines and then structure them with swirly or circular patterns.


35. The one with multiple patterns

Right from circles, flowers to swirls and dainty dots, this mehndi design has it all.


Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

Now this section is all about Arabic mehndi designs for hands. Both backhand and front hand mehndi designs have been incorporated in this list. You’ll certainly be surprised to see that even in Arabic mehndi designs, there’s a lot of versatility.

1. An intriguing pattern with prominent empty space

A lot of quivering strokes, paisleys, circular patterns combine to result into this captivating Arabic mehndi design. It is interesting to note that unlike most designs, this design has all the fingers covered with henna.

39331389 225303324999312 4271278163360743424 n

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2. A breathtakingly beautiful design

We can’t take our eyes off from this flawless Arabic mehndi design which is not only mesmerizing to look at but is also very aesthetically pleasing. Comprised of multiple floral motifs and other delicate patterns, this unique mehndi design is definitely complex to draw and requires finesse.

33210200 464413510638719 3898714347710447616 n

3. Bold and beautiful

This mehndi design drawn thicker-than-usual strokes will truly grab special attention. The edgy work on the fingers, the gorgeously beautified mandala and everything in between looks so mesmerizing.

44840625 268229300545031 1724131470298951544 n

4. Checks and peppy paisleys

The quintessence of lattice (checkered) designs with Arabic mehndi style is unparalleled. And you definitely cannot go with this design. Bridesmaids, who wish to go minimal with their mehndi can opt for a similar design. It is a pretty bel drawn on the backhand with paisleys, grids and some circular patterns. Such trail designs are also very easy and quick to draw.

38081073 228648401183327 8818487561509928960 n

5. Lacy Gloves

This trending Arabic mehndi design looks like a lacy glove worn by the girl on her hand. It is drawn with sheer intricacy and looks so modish.

36147829 853088114902056 5018827705244712960 n

6. The Arabian appeal

Most Arabic mehndi designs are not easy to achieve! It requires a good understanding of space, angles, symmetry and diagonals to draw apply flawless mehndi design. Have a look at this one! Unlike most designs, this one is not a mere trail but covers more expanse of the hand and arm region. Yet, you can observe quintessential spaces amidst the intricate grids, leaves, flowers and other patterns.

mehndi by hayat

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7. Arabian mehndi with personalised touches

This graceful design is perfect for the brides who don’t want to go OTT with their mehndi! The alluring Arabic patterns add bridal charm to this minimal mehndi design made beautifully with shaded flowers and a distinctive trail on each hand. The key element of this personalised mehndi design is undeniably the ‘Save the date’ part. Also, including wedding dates in the bridal mehndi is a raging trend.

26067869 1520873607968420 3664454637974454272 n

8. A jaw-droppingly beautiful backhand mehndi design

This artsy mehndi design on the backhand is rightfully winning our hearts! Whether it is the identical patterns on the fingers or the breathtaking floral patterns delicately drawn in a circular shape with some bare space – this unique design is worth gushing over.


9. Playful paisleys

How cute is this paisley dominated mehndi design? This trail includes multiple paisleys which are further beautified with distinctive boundary highlights, whereas the other hand is kept minimal with a simple yet cute sun-like motif. This Arabic mehndi design is definitely a great option for elegance lovers.

39009775 241485836699460 5039930335563874304 n

10. A rather heavy design on the backhand

Heavier than the usual backhand mehndi trails, this design is stealing our hearts for all right reasons. Right from the identical patterns on the fingers or the intricate and well-detailed trail with a wide coverage, this design is purely ogle-worthy.


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11. Contemporary vibe

This Arabic mehndi design is more on the contemporary side. The back of the hand has a captivating mandala drawn in the centre which is etched to a pretty pattern on the middle finger. And oh, the other hand has a striking swirling trail that looks so damn edgy and modish. Hence, girls who are out-there, blunt and love embracing edginess – this design will perfectly suit your personality.


12. Architectural accentuations

This striking design seems to be inspired from the architectural accentuations of mosques or monuments. And without any doubt, it looks great! The patterns drawn on each finger is smartly connected to the monument-like structures with dainty dots. Also, that checkered wristband should definitely not be missed.

21879098 724040187796783 8977312948150075392 n

13. Lots of florals

One single bold line can make a whole lot of difference to the overall look of your mehndi, and this one is a proof! The entire prettily drawn floral trail is uplifted with a bold boundary highlight and we love how. The sharp filling of the patterns with delicate lines and the petite floral motifs on the fingers look so beauteous.


14. An unusual backhand Arabic design

This unique mehndi design starts off with striped patterns on the fingertips and is followed with distinctive beautifications on each finger. However, a checkered trail sandwiched between floral borders is flowing from the index finger which is eventually connected to the wristband.


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15. Multiple chakras

Majorly dominated by uniformly-sized chakras and striped patterns, this Arabic mehndi design is pretty unusual.


16. So damn gorgeous!

Now, this is something very different you’ll spot in the entire list! As you can evidently observe, the entire forearm is laden with a gripping grid pattern and topped with mesmerising floral artwork. Whereas the major expanse of the palm is left bare but the fingers and the area etched to the wrist is covered with intricate and bewitching patterns.


17. The Unmissable trail

We are floored with the captivating beauty of this unique trail emerging from the pinky finger! Unlike most designs, it is not dominated by paisleys but has umpteen circular floral patterns.

23348181 187779698452274 7943492175151497216 n

18. Fill up the empty spaces

What makes this mehndi design so appealing is that the minimal patterns like flowers were drawn, and then the empty spaces were filled up with henna. This easy trick alters the entire look of the henna design and undeniably makes it look so visually aesthetic.

19. Mesmerising henna art

We are majorly hearting this amazing mehndi Arabic mehndi design on the backhand. All the fingers are decked up with pretty designs and a quintessential detailed trail flows down.


20. The leaves and bold strokes

Leaves are a prominent element in Arabic henna. It is quite usual to spot dainty leaf-like structures along the trails, but this design has them in a rather different way. Here are a lot of shaded leaves, overlapping dainty motifs of bootis and tiny floral highlights – all of them together aligned in a usual yet appealing way.

jess mithun

21. The one inspired from the doors of mosques

Unlike most Arabic mehndi designs, this one doesn’t comprise of that signature diagonal trail element. But if you look closely, this design seems to be inspired from mosque architecture – right from the lattice patterns to door-like frameworks in the center and near the elbow, this one is definitely different from the rest.

20180802 105650

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22. Pretty yet simple

This Arabic mehndi design is different for a lot of reasons! Interestingly, both the hands have similar yet different designs. One of then has a peacock on the wrist and leafy patterns on the palm, the other hand has distinctive floral motifs made with bold outlines. However, the bell motif with a dotted chain is the most eye-catchy factor in both the hands.

PicsArt 04 09 11.06.00

23. The flower power

Every modish woman would love to flaunt this contemporary Arabian mehendi design on the back of her hand. It is dominant with flower power and has umpteen dainty rose motifs drawn at the intersection points of the dotted grid. Those dual floral trails emerging from the pinky fingers also look so surreal.

36148376 176842656511642 3829807932522889216 n

24. Yet another gorgeous design

It is hard to take our eyes off from this jaw-droppingly beautiful Arabic mehndi designs. Whether it is the heavy design on fingers or the circular patterns adjoined in an infinity loop by leafy trails, each aspect of this design is gush-worthy.


25. A gripping trailed design

Here’s an exquisite Arabian mehndi design with two elaborate trails and visually heavy design on all the fingers.


Arabic Mehndi Designs for Full Hands

It is a common myth that Arabic mehndi designs are only about diagonal trails from one side to another. But, it is time that you come out of the bubble and see these gorgeous full hand Arabic mehendi designs. The catchy play of light-bold strokes, shaded motifs, adjoined floral and paisleys accentuate the beauty of your hands. Check out the following pictures to see how the front as well the back side of your hand can be fully laden with Arabian designs!

1. Adjoined paisley patterns

As you can observe, this Arabian design has the entire hand covered with mehndi. However, the quintessential bare spaces are also there. But it is an easy-to-draw and a very quick design to get etched on your hands for smaller occasions.

40231916 156907245235285 8963579475895223492 n

2. An all-decked up design

Now this one is a quintessential bridal mehndi design with the entire hand and forearm laden with henna. Right from grids, lotus motifs, mosque-inspired window frames to basic paisleys and a diagonal flow – this design has loaded with Arabic mehndi elements.


3. All about floral bootis

The floral bootis work wonders on your hand, especially when they are adjoined together in an elegant way. This mehndi design is a true example of the same! The bare space left in between is making the overall design look chicer and prettier. And we love how it is also preventing the entire full-hand mehndi design from looking chaotic. We also love the heart highlights and rose flowers drawn on the fingers.


4. So neat and chic

It is hard to take eyes off from this full hand Arabic mehndi design. With lots of swirls, paisleys and peacock motifs, this mehndi design is so damn enchanting.

henna paradise

5. It is all in the details

This lovely Arabic mehendi design is perfect for prominent occasions like Eid, Nikaah or weddings. It has a stunning diverse variety of elements like leafy trails, striped patterns, dainty dots, lots of floral strokes and a great play of deviating angles.

29738074 564432050580700 6857706558478876672 n

6. A stunning full hand mehndi design

Isn’t this Arabic mehndi design mind-blowing? Just see, how beautifully the mehndi artist has put his skill to use, to draw this full-fledged bridal mehndi design. It is intricate, well-detailed, artsy and traditional at the same time.

1594312875 359 mehndi by hayat

7. Charming paisleys teamed with florals

Well, it is hard to stop ogling at this mehndi design because it is so damn beguiling! The henna art on fingers is basic but the way the hand and forearm are etched with beautified paisleys is truly commendable. While scrolling this blog, you must have observed that paisleys are one of the most used elements in mehndi designs but here, the paisleys are not only filled with fine strokes but surrounded with floral and leafy accentuations.

jes mithun

8. Bespoke Intricacy

We literally can’t stop adoring this breathtakingly beautiful Arabic mehndi design for its intricacy factor.


9. Multi-stranded chains

A simple dotted pattern is etched on all the fingers, but a multi-stranded chain trail emerges from the index finger and thumb which is connected to a broad henna wristband.

aman gu

10. Fluttering peacocks

This traditional mehndi design is a mixed platter of paisleys, peacocks, mandalas, florals, intricacy and bold silhouettes. And we totally approve of this design for its versatility, beauty and artistic appeal.

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11. The one that’ll keep you hooked!

This Arabic mehndi design is definitely going to get you hooked because of its captivating design. There’s a long trail starting from the two fingers, covering the palm and then going till above the wrist. The constant grid-like patterns make it truly hypnotic whereas motifs of peacocks, cages and dome make it look so gush-worthy.


12. The magic of bold strokes

That’s the thing with bold strokes, they grasp your attention like nothing else. Talking about this particular mehndi design, it is definitely attractive and covering the entire hand. But what makes it unique is the artsy use of silhouettes, a playful flow of the trail and of course, the empty spaces in between. The shaded roses on the wrist bordered with a bold outline are yet another unmissable element of this beautiful design.

27877871 1907405599302018 5827605106899550208 n

13. The not-so-easy one

Just one look at this design and your mind is blown – that’s the appeal of this Arabic mehndi design! The identical fingertips are followed with distinctive patterns on each finger. The hand is beautifully divided into two sections – one of which has lined patterns with floral bootis whereas, the other one is nothing less than a piece of art with a strong silhouette play. And oh, coming to the key highlight of this design, the forearm, it is absolutely mind-boggling. The forearm is laden with uniformly shaped and sized motifs and topped with a mixed platter of florals, paisleys and traditional lattice design. This Arabic mehndi design definitely needs a lot of skill, patience and neatness for the result to be as stunning as this.


14. Pigeon and rose portraits centred amidst a checkered composition

The significant motifs are centred amidst hypnotic checkered pattern making it look super ethereal. While one hand has a rose motif in a patterned-frame, the other hand has a flying pigeon. The neatness of this design is commendable too.

non henna by divyaaa

15. Catchy play of thick and light strokes

Big floral motifs with bold outlines and the leaf trails along with other dainty elements make this one a drool-worthy Arabian mehndi design.


16. A rather simplistic one

Not all Arabic mehndi designs covering the full hand are complicated! Simplicity has its own charm and this design with peacocks, paisleys, netted patterns and a lot of lines is so pretty.

37849149 695808704087788 4856584692868055040 n

17. Pretty with paisleys

Simplistic, pretty, classy and enchanting are the words that come across my mind when I see this full hand Arabic mehndi design.

18. The floral charm

Florals are inevitable in most mehndi designs and this one with big flowers imprinted on the palms and further teamed with some artistic strokes surely deserves your attention. The petals are giving a 3-D look because of bolder application of henna.

21879532 282140845636194 6194787908348542976 n

19. Full coverage with an easy design

When you want to achieve full mehndi coverage on your hand but don’t want a complex Arabic mehndi design, take a cue from this one. This beautiful mehndi design has a lot of paisley patterns adjoined together in form of a diagonal trail on both the hands. Bridesmaids with longer hands can embrace this design.


20. A heavy design on the backhand

Full hand mehndi designs are not restricted to the front! The backhand of the hand can also be etched with an OTT decked-up Arabian mehndi design and this one is such a magnificent example. While the fingers look resplended with endless identical small floral motifs, the forearm is pure goals.

36592201 1253691191433586 6099301250531065856 n

21. Traditional yet modern

This heavy Arabic mehendi design is perfect for the brides who want to keep their henna traditional yet modern. There are leaves, floral patterns, netted designs and also an interesting play of bold and light henna strokes. The significant empty spaces further make it look contemporary.


22. Beyond beautiful

Can we take a moment and appreciate the mehndi artist who drew this design! This elaborate Arabic mehndi design is so freaking amazing. The neatness with which this has been made makes it look so appealing to the eyes. Right from checkered patterns, peacocks to mandala and Arabic strokes – this breathtaking design has it all.


23. Drool-worthy

The chicness of this mehndi design is unmatched. The combination of repetitive play of bold leaf strokes, floral motifs, and clever empty space is keeping us hooked.

44382144 2005303322872249 5145548695391404672 n

24. Florals all the way

These pretty floral bootis adjoined together with intricacy make for a unique and easy-to-draw mehndi design.


25. Identical floral patterns

Here’s a unique Arabian mehndi design sans any trail! This one is an interesting design with similar floral patterns designed in symmetry on both the hands.

37209336 2145940312349315 8918474464585318400 n

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Feet

The trend of getting your feet laden with Arabic mehndi designs is raging big time. There are innumerous ways you can adorn your feet with Arabic-style mehndi patterns! Right from having dainty tattoos to floral trails and full-fledged heavy designs – there are umpteen options when it comes to Arabic mehndi designs for feet.

1. Arabic bel on the feet

Similar to the basic trails drawn on the backhand, this one is drawn on the feet with statement paisleys and florals! The identical patterns on the toes are also adding oodles of charm to the bride’s feet.

21433530 808781765970211 2595729984316243968 n

2. Minimal and intricate tattoo

It’s also a great idea to ditch the traditional full-fledged Arabic mehndi design and go with a minimal tattoo like this! This 3-D rose motif surrounded with delicate henna art looks so pretty, elegant and edgy at the same time.

mehendu by hayat

3. A traditional trail with dotted details

This is yet another example of a quintessential Arabic mehndi design on feet! It has lots of florals and paisleys along with interesting spacing, and those dotted lines are also adding a contemporary feel to this otherwise traditional design.


4. Half and half

Both the feet look like mirror images of each other and that’s where the beauty of this design lies! It requires perfection, attention to detail and a lot of time for your mehndi artist to draw a similar design.

26073682 422803898137218 1018976614404325376 n

5. Big blooms

This simplistic yet elaborate design with shaded floral motifs and checkered designs is definitely worth flaunting.

43914491 1942694739151584 2866627484212333050 n

6. A diagonal trail emerging from the thumb

This pretty Arabic trail on the feet is flowing from the thumb and undeniably looks great! The ultimate combination of flower motifs and paisleys prove to be prominent here as well.


7. Intricacy above all

We’re totally crushing over this extremely intricate and well-detailed foot mehndi design with a beautified mandala in the center with supporting full-fledged artwork around the toes. Also, there is a significant Arabian tattoo on the sides which is uplifting the overall look of this design.

Foot Henna Design

8. Bold and beauteous

The bold highlights on this simple foot mehendi design make it look so catchy and contemporary.

henna by divya (7)

9. Swirl around

This foot mehendi design with Arabic design elements is worth swooning over. It has adjacent swirls, pearl-like dots, line details and of course, floral embellishments.

anjali henna (8)

10. Chic yet traditional

Majorly dominated with paisley patterns, this Arabic mehendi design has playful strokes which are great for brides who want to keep it traditional while not compromising on the chicness. Despite having traditional elements like paisley and florals, this is very edgy to look at.

anjali henna (14)

11. A floral bel with netted artwork

The beauty of this endearing floral trail lies in the fact that it is paired with a beguiling checkered pattern.

26155222 2045694942375075 3838625792439353344 n

12. All decked up

Full leg mehendi designs are extremely difficult to do. But this design is so gorgeous that it just can’t be missed. The play of deviating angles emerging from the feet to the legs is very impressive and the overall decked-up mehndi looks like mesmerizing artwork drawn with sheer finesse.

henna by divya (16)

13. Bold yet detailed

Here’s an unusual foot mehndi design which is both bold yet very intricate. The patterns around the toes are very dainty and detailed, whereas the main trail is drawn with bold outlines but accentuated with tiny details.

Arabic Foot Mehndi Design 2014

14. Full coverage foot mehndi design

With Leafy trails, paisley, mandala and distinctive boundaries etched neatly with perfect skills, this Arabic mehndi design looks super attractive.

minal beauty (8)

15. Oh so wow!

This lovely Arabic mehndi design features a big flower design beautified with paisley and dotted patterns in a diagonal flow.

henna visa

16. The one with lotus, monuments and other Arabic elements

Lotus, monumental structures, leafy strokes, and well-aligned lines – this aesthetic foot mehendi design has so many Arabic elements adding to its beauty.

henna by divya (8)

17. The pretty dainty bootis

This oh-so-gorgeous and gripping checkered pattern paired with dainty bootis damn perfect for the contemporary brides.

happy flashbacks

18. Full-fledged mehndi design with artistic bands

This magnanimous design is unquestionably beyond beautiful! Both the feet are etched in an identical and symmetrical design which comprises of peacocks, grids, mandalas, broad bands and lots of detailing.

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19. Shaded floral trail

A simple and beautiful Arabic mehndi trail with shaded flowers. It is also one of the easiest designs to draw.

Contemporary Arabic Foot Mehndi Design

20. Multiple paisleys aligned together

Here’s an alluring diagonal bel with lots of paisley patterns aligned together with floral highlights.

blurberry buzz

21. Tiny floral motifs

Comprising of identical patterns on the toes, small floral motifs neatly etched in between the multi-dimensional gridwork and a drop-shaped festoon above the anklet, this Arabic mehndi design for feet is minimal and classy

PicsArt 04 09 10.14.24

22. The ongoing chakra of life

The beautified mandala drawn in the center is a depiction of the ongoing wheel of life in this Arabian mehndi design. The adjoined floral bootis on and around the toes further make for a resplendent design.

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23. A drop-shaped anklet

A pretty drop-shaped Arabic mehndi design which looks like an anklet. *So unique, easy and creative*

drop shaped anklet

24. Heavy henna design with a peahen motif

There are oodles of design choices when it comes to Arabic feet mehendi. However, most of them are a little difficult to draw. Hence, you can check out this lovely mehndi design which is easy to draw and has a strikingly beautiful border etched on both sides of the feet.

1594312880 285 henna lounge

25. A trail on the sides

Ditching the main area of the feet, you can even make a strong statement by getting the mehndi drawn on the side of your feet.


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