Apple’s non-iPhones event, Android 11 official, and more tech news today

Your Tech News Digest by Wednesday 9 September 2020, via DGiT Daily Tech Newsletter.

1. Apple Event: September 15, but no iPhone 12 yet

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Apple announced its September schedule yesterday, inviting the press and the public to tune in on September 15, 10am PDT with a program called ‘Time Flies’. Time, you know, like a clock?

And this is the question. In the hours following the announcement, there was some confusion about whether this was an iPhone 12 event, or if it was too early for a new iPhone that Apple suggested.

Then, perhaps the most reliable Apple insider put it to bed:

  • Mark Gurman of Bloomberg is confident that we will not see the new iPhone. Instead, it will be Apple Watch and iPad announcements.
  • mention. Quote “The announcement of the event on Apple’s website does not have its own specific tag line that prompts it to be announced. But the media invitation states that” Time Flies “, the announcement indicates that Apple is related to the Watch, Not iPhones. Bloomberg News reported that the new iPhones won’t launch until October.
  • “Will come later to redesign new iPhones, cases, updated cameras, and 5G capabilities. Apple plans to announce the first Mac to be replaced by Intel Corp. before the end of the year. IPhone and iPad software ‘S next updates are scheduled to be released this month, with Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac software updates coming in the fall. “
  • A lot of people are still not sure, given that Apple will generally not hold an event for its smaller product range in the Watch and iPad.
  • But with virtual only events, the sky is the limit.
  • And for lack of further information, I am with Gurman every time.

other than this: Apple’s tile competitor AirTags may finally be in mass production (The Verge).

2. Android 11!

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Android 11 is out! Google officially launched a stable version of Android 11 yesterday, launching a wider rollout for billions of devices.

What you want to know:

  • We’ve covered Google’s line of thinking with Android 11 in the past, and the stable release has come at what we’re seeing at stake: Google’s priority with Android 11 is to keep users in touch with less interrupted connected friends and family Is helping to keep.
  • what does this mean? A quick summary: If you want, keep your notifications organized in a new location within the information shed, along with bubbles for conversation, to keep the chat always available.
  • There are also new screen tools and features such as a native screen recorder, a very easy-to-access media control, and a useful new setup to control your smart home devices from the Power menu. This generally means less bounce between apps.
  • And there is a suite of facilities around privacy and security.
  • The biggest is the ability to give one-time permission to apps that request to use your camera, microphone or location data.
  • Once permitted, it is intended for that use only. If you reopen the app, you will need to grant permission. This helps ensure that the applications you trust have permanent access to sensitive things like your camera and microphone. And if it is an app that you are not sure about, but needs to use it, there is very little risk involved when giving it for one-time use.
  • First up is the Pixel line of Android 11 smartphones, but this year some devices from OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo will already make Android 11 software available, as companies work hard to bring in the latest users faster.

2. Microsoft yesterday confirmed the November 10 launch date for its next generation Xbox console, and also confirmed the leaked video (Android Authority).

3. The mysterious ‘Google Pixel 5s’ breaks the cover in new leaked shots (Android Authority).

4. Google’s new ‘verified call’ feature will tell you why a business is calling you (Android Authority).

5. X-Google Pixel Camera chief Mark Levoy has spoken with The Verge after quitting Google and joining Adobe. Don’t miss it, different approaches to smartphone cameras and sensors are taking a super interesting and open perspective (The Verge).

6. Microsoft is reportedly working on a midrange Surface laptop: Between the Surf Go and the Surface Pro, it is rumored to be under $ 600. Hmm. I think the next name has to be rhymed: Surface Bro, Surface Yo, Surface Wo… (Engadgate).

7. Apple states that ‘Epic’s conduct threatens the existence of an iOS ecosystem in a countersuit (Gizmodo).

8. Taking 5G to work, in offices, and on the factory floor – will it help? (Ars Technica).

9. Razor did not let chewing gum gamers know what they needed (Engadget).

10. The new Nintendo Switch Hyrule Warriors arrives in November, much like BoTW (Kotaku).

11. Uber vows to go all-electric, but … it does not own cars (wired).

12. “How are Covid19 vaccines progressing at the moment?” (R / askscience).

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