Apple Watch SE Vs. OnePlus Watch: Best Smartwatch Under $300?

Both the new OnePlus Watch and the Apple Watch SE represent affordable options in the premium smartwatch market and both have pros and cons.

After years of thriving in the smartphone industry, OnePlus has finally expanded its reach towards a new frontier: the smartwatch market. As expected, the new OnePlus Watch promises a premium wearable experience for a more affordable price point. Of course, the OnePlus Watch isn’t the only player in the industry. As an affordable variant of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch SE is one device that offers competition for the new OnePlus smartwatch.

The OnePlus Watch was launched at an event with the new OnePlus 9 smartphone series. Though the spotlight is firmly on the new flagship smartphone release, the company also unveiled its new wearable. Pitched as an essential element of the burgeoning OnePlus ecosystem, the OnePlus Watch combines both lifestyle and fitness features, as well as featuring a proprietary RTOS operating system.

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Armed with a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, the OnePlus Watch sports a circular design more similar to the Galaxy Watch series than Apple’s line of smartwatches. Inside, the watch comes with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. In terms of features, the OnePlus Watch focuses a lot of attention on fitness. Though it comes with the standard array of lifestyle features (like music playback and notification tracking), the watch’s fitness trackers go beyond the basic, including a blood oxygen monitor, a feature often reserved for flagship watches.

OnePlus Watch & Apple Watch SE Features

OnePlus Watch being worn on someone's wrist

The Apple Watch SE is positioned as a lighter but affordable approach to the popular Apple wearable. As a result, the OnePlus Watch packs in a few more fitness features than the SE. Most notably, the Apple Watch SE does not feature a blood oxygen sensor. Additionally, the OnePlus Watch packs a 402mAh battery capable of up to a week of uptime, while the Apple Watch SE offers only a single day of usage. Finally, the OnePlus Watch has a lower price tag ($159) compared to the Apple Watch SE (starting at $279).

The OnePlus Watch doesn’t have a perfect record, though. As OnePlus wants to focus on its own ecosystem and operating system, its smartwatch does not have robust support for apps, especially compared to the Apple Watch series’ years of development and its developer ecosystem. Indeed, the OnePlus Watch doesn’t even have support for music streaming platform Spotify, only allowing music playback from its 4GB of internal storage. Also, in terms of customization, the OnePlus Watch offers only one option for users: a 46mm case in Midnight Black, although it is possible to swap in third-party straps.

Ultimately, both watches have their own strengths. Though the Apple Watch SE offers a more robust smartwatch ecosystem, the OnePlus Watch’s cheaper price tag and superior battery will appeal to those for whom a more stripped-back device will suffice.

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