Apex Legends’ Caustic Nerf Went Too Far

The newest Apex Legends update’s Caustic nerf severely impacts the usefulness of his Nox Gas. Too many changes at once made him unviable.

Apex Legends, like many online video games, has frequent updates to tweak and balance gameplay. With so many unique characters, making changes to individual abilities is often the most effective way to balance an overpowered or underpowered character. The most recent Apex Legends update introduces a new ring-negating item, a new town takeover event, and a series of changes to Legends, including severe Caustic nerfs that make him far less viable.

While Caustic used to be considered one of the better Legends, the nerfs have gone too far in the opposite direction, rendering his abilities ineffective and making him unappealing to play. Caustic was a good character for new Apex Legends players because of his effectiveness and ease of use, but these nerfs will most likely significantly reduce his pick rate.

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Caustic’s abilities were wonderful for stalling enemy movement and locking down a position. While his abilities remain the same in theory, changes to his Nox Gas’ damage, cooldown, and opacity all at once have severely limited his competitiveness. Caustic’s are just some of many Apex Legends Season 8 buffs and nerfs, but he was affected most significantly.

Apex Legends’ Caustic Nerfs Made Too Many Changes At Once

Apex Legends Caustic

Caustic’s usefulness almost entirely revolves around his Nox Gas, which comes from both his Gas Trap tactical and Gas Grenade ultimate abilities. The effect it has on enemies is three-fold: The gas damages enemies, ignoring armor; greatly reduces visibility inside of the gas; and slows enemies who try to move through it. Two of these effects have been severely limited by the newest Apex Legends update.

Previously, Caustic’s Nox Gas dealt 6 damage per second initially, then gradually increased to a maximum of 12 damage per second as enemies remained in the cloud. This damage ignores any armor, taking away hit points directly. After the nerfs, the Nox Gas now does only 5 damage per second, with no damage increase for prolonged exposure. Visibility has also been greatly improved for anyone caught in the gas, rendering Caustic’s Nox Vision passive ability less useful. This appears to be an unintentional VFX bug, however, and Apex developer Respawn has promised to investigate.

On top of these changes, the cooldown for Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade has been increased from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes. Not only is Caustic’s ultimate ability now worse in almost every way, but he’ll have to wait longer to use it, too. Although Caustic has always been a one-trick pony with his Nox Gas, its former effectiveness made it versatile enough for him to be viable. Now that the gas can be seen through easily (for the time being) and has had its damage severely reduced, it’s not a very potent deterrent for enemies. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment is watching Caustic’s data closely and will roll out another Apex Legends update quickly to put Caustic in a better place.

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