Anti Eyebrow Piercing Information with Inspirational Pictures

An Anti Eyebrow Piercing is an unconventional kind of surface body piercing that often uses a small surface bar and is commonly placed just right above the cheekbone and below the lower orbit of the eye. It also is known as upper cheek piercings, tears, teardrops, butterfly kiss, and crows feet.

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These medicated swabs can clean, soothe, and protect any type of piercings including anti eyebrow piercings. In order to prevent any infection, you should only use medicated swabs such as Dr. Piercing’s Aftercare. It can help in healing your piercing naturally.

Anti Eyebrow Aftercare Tips

While you are on the healing phase, you ought to follow the tips below

  • Do not remove the jewelry or it will be hard for you to place it back. On the first two days of your healing stage, it is normal to have some bleeding and redness on the pierced surface.
  • Do not take any aspirins to lessen the bleeding in the eyebrow.
  • Do not be freaked out by the white and yellow liquid that will come out naturally from the wound.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks or taking drugs because they may delay and slow down the healing process.

  • Avoid rotating or moving the jewelry to avoid infections, scars, and pain.
  • Avoid using creams in the face for some time.
  • Wash the area daily with sanitized hands, anti-bacterial soap, and lukewarm water.
  • When done cleaning, dry the area with a clean towel
  • After drying out the area, a good tip to fasten the healing process is to use salted water and apply it with a cotton ball on the pierced area.

Frequently Asked Anti Eyebrow Questions

Many of our readers have sent in questions about anti eyebrow piercings. It’s one of the reasons we created this post! We weren’t able to get all the questions into the main body of this article, so we have listed them below. Enjoy!

Do anti eyebrow piercings hurt?

There is always a level of pain involved in getting a piercing. That is just the nature of the activity. Especially since an anti eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing. This means it would be a pain level of about six out of ten.

Will an anti eyebrow piercing reject?

Just like any other surface piercing, there is a percentage of risk for rejection. There isn’t anything that the piercing is anchored to, so it easily migrates or rejects. If you are looking for a more surefire piercing that is likely to last longer, microdermals can be placed in the same areas.

Is an anti eyebrow piercing expensive?

In the world of piercing, an anti eyebrow piercing is not very expensive. The cost is actually pretty run-of-the-mill. Generally, around forty dollars, the piercing is considered relatively cost-effective. It’s a great option if you want to be unique, since not as many people have this piercing as others.

How long will an anti eyebrow piercing last?

This all depends on the person. If your body adapts to the piercing and doesn’t immediately reject it, you should be able to keep it in for several years. If you remove the jewelry, the hole will close up very quickly, though, so be aware of that!

Will an anti eyebrow piercing keep me from getting a job?

There are many employers that will allow you to get and keep a job with visible facial piercings. You should check the rule book for the company you wish to work for if you want more specific answers. An anti eyebrow piercing is not one that is easily taken out and replaced, so if your job of choice won’t allow it, it would definitely be better to opt-out of getting one altogether.

Getting your Facial Piercing

Anti Eyebrow Piercing needs careful thought, good decision-making, and expert piercers to achieve the best results not only on the physical look of the model but also the health of the piercing enthusiast inside and out. There is a lot to consider before getting one but once you have it, it is going to be one of your great milestones in life.

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