Anthony Joshua’s Net Worth (Updated 2021)

What is the total wealth of Anthony Joshua?

Total Price:$ 60 million
Arising:October 15, 1989
country of origin:United Kingdom
Sources of funds:Professional boxer
Last Updated:2020


Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer from Watford, Hertfordshire.

Joshua is a former Unified World Heavyweight Champion, held the WBA (Super), IBF and WBO titles between 2016 and 2019. At the regional level, he held the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles from 2014 to 2016.

As of 2021, Anthony Joshua has a net worth of $ 80 million, making him the richest boxer in the world.

early life

Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua was born on 15 October 1989 in Watford, Hertfordshire. Joshua is the son of Robert and Yetta Joshua. He spent most of his childhood in his ancestral home in Nigeria. He was five years old when his parents separated, and his mother decided to return.

Joshua returned to Watford to attend King’s Langley Secondary School. He was given the nickname ‘Femi’ by his friends and teachers due to his middle name ‘Oluwafemi’.

The business

Anthony Joshua won the Haringi Boxing Cup in 2009 and 2010 for two straight years. His Twenties were a huge success as he won all 18 fights at the amateur level.

At the European Amateur Boxing Championships in June 2011, he defeated Eric Bereklin and Kaithal McMonagle. However he was interrupted by Romanian Mihai Naister.

He holds an amateur record of 40–3 and was named the Amateur Boxer of the Year by the Boxing Writers Club of Great Britain in 2011. Although novice internationally, his first appearance at the London Olympics was sealed with a gold medal in 2012.

Joshua’s match with Klitschko was the most important fight he faced. Klitschko was a boxing royalty who lost only 3 of his professional matches.

A rematch between Klitschko and him was expected, but Klitschko announced on 3 August 2017 that he was retiring from boxing, thus ending speculation of another match. Anthony Joshua was scheduled to battle Kubrat Pulaev to defend the next WBA title.

He will next fight Joseph Parker for his highest tax payment of £ 18 million. The fight was scheduled for 8 January 2018 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Joshua successfully claimed the WBO title. He also retained his WBA, IBF and IBO belts.

He recently made news for his fight with Andy Ruiz Jr., where Ruiz defeated Joshua and took the belt from him. Ruiz was a Dalit in battle, and hardly anyone thought he would stand a chance.

As of 2021, Anthony Joshua has total assets of $ 80 million.


Here are some of the best glimpses of Anthony Joshua’s career:

  • Super Heavyweight (2009)
  • He won the ABA National Championship 91 kg + at Bethal Green, London as a Super Heavyweight (2010).
  • Super Heavyweight Olympic Gold Medalist as a member of Team GB (2012)

Favorite Quotes from Anthony Joshua

“There are two types of warriors: one who rides on his horse and tries to kill everyone and the sniper. I try to be like a sniper. Bang. Smash them, shoot them. “ – Anthony Joshua

“Cardio is a good way to start in the morning, man. Whether you sit on a bike for half an hour or throw on two jumpers and sweat, it is good to get up, activate the body, put on your headphones, and just paddle. ” – Anthony Joshua

“I was raised well. My parents are from Nigeria; Their culture is respectable. Is very respectful. But I learned that you must be determined. It is not violence or aggression. This is sheer determination. ” – Anthony Joshua

“Players only do what they do. I am not trying to be a role model. If people who seek inspiration can take it from me, then take as much as I can from my good and my bad. ” – Anthony Joshua

“Prayer is a form of meditation, isn’t it?” This is the law of attraction: whatever you put into the universe you receive. It is a type of putting your thoughts in the universe. ” – Anthony Joshua

“You are convinced, you are going to the ring to fight, but there is always that little thing where you are thinking, ‘God.” You panicked. But you have to embrace it and enjoy it. “ – Anthony Joshua

3 Leadership Lessons from Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua Success Lessons

Now that you know about Anthony Joshua’s total wealth, and how he achieved success; Let us have a look at some leadership lessons to be learned from them:

1. Highly Royal

Joshua said in the microphone immediately after the fight: ‘Boxing says, you leave the ego at the door and you respect your opponent.

He then praised the boxer and the person he fought against, openly and heartily. This is just one example among many.

It is just not true that Joshua has morality and falls under a gentle man coming to earth as a humble (but convinced). No. The trauma that has really struck me is that he is already working by a clear set of principles that dictate his behavior.

Great leaders know their principles and live with them. Such a compass has Joshua.

2. Creates contacts

The word gestalt is ‘making contact’ – the ability to connect with people, so when you are talking to them you are connecting on a deeper, personal level. This is the essence of building great relationships.

3. True Learner

Boxing is about winning in the sports world, just as business is winning in the commercial world. But the desire to win can create fear of losing. Joshua wants to win, trains to win and boxes to win.


Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer and a unified world heavyweight champion. He has successfully represented the UK at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and various other international sporting events.

Joshua has a reputation for fighting in high-profile matches with spectators and spectators breaking expensive bets and drawing records.

As of 2021, Anthony Joshua has total assets of approximately $ 80 million.

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