Annie Throws Shade At Andrew After He Threatened David

Andrew Kenton threatened David Toborowsky for supporting Amira Lollysa online. Annie Suwan is getting back at him with a sassy response on IG.

David Toborowsky’s wife Annie Suwan recently threw a major shade at the newest 90 Day Fiancé cast member Andrew Kenton. This comes after he apparently threatened her husband online not once but twice. David and Annie are one of the most beloved couples of the franchise. They first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 5, and since then, they have been falling in love with each other more and more. Recently, Annie shared a provocative picture with her husband.

The couple usually posts quite modest pictures on their social media. That’s why this post caught many 90 Day Fiancé celebrities and fans by surprise. In the photo, Annie is wearing sexy black-colored fishnet stockings and lifting her legs against David. In the caption, she said that her man gives her everything she wants. Even after three years of marriage, this former TLC couple is still madly in love! That’s why when Andrew Kenton seemingly tried to threaten David for supporting Amira Lollysa, Annie couldn’t resist throwing shade at him.

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She found the perfect opportunity to get back at the daycare dude with a sassy response. David posted a lovely picture of Annie on his Instagram and reflected on Andrew drama. He talked about how much he is grateful for Annie in his life. He began, “What a past few days on social media. This is why I wake up every day so happy and blessed.” David is thankful that Annie doesn’t judge his past and loves him in the present, and works to build a better future. He continued, “She is my Queen, and I love her.” Check out the picture David posted on his IG:

Annie was glad to see David’s post and left multiple red heart emojis for him. She then decided to call out Andrew’s sloppy and cold-hearted behavior towards his fiancée. The Thailand native wrote that she knows her husband would be the first to rescue her if she ever got in trouble. She continued, “and not just eating D*mn stakes, not even cut it on the bias at hotel in Mexico????????????.” This comment was aimed at Andrew because he did almost nothing to rescue Amira when she got detained at the Mexican airport for two days.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans loved Annie’s epic comment. Some of the comments read (via Reddit), “She’s always been a comedian. Love Annie!” andI f**king love Annie, no cap. She always keeps it a stack.” Andrew’s ex Amira also responded to David’s post with, “We love you.” Some fans also spotted Darcey Silva’s reference in her comment. Darcey once yelled at her then-boyfriend Jesse Meester over how to cut a steak. Her iconic words were, “you gotta cut it on a bias babe,” which immediately became a meme and popular amongst the 90 Day Fiancé community.

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: David Toborowsky, Reddit

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