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Anna Foglietta: interview with the actress and muse of Filorga

Anna Foglietta has the rare gift of communicating commitment and lightness together. On the screen, it was as bright as in Perfect strangers and adamantine as in the biopic on Nilde Iotti. Forty-one years of atypical beauty, Anna Foglietta is the muse of Filorga for #LaMiaStoriadiBellezza, a project that enhances the individuality in every female face.

Anna Foglietta
Anna Foglietta

It conveys the idea of ​​integrity that influences his style, his life, his professional choices.

I’ve always thought that style and charm are something mysterious, which escapes the schematic understanding of canons and has to do with personality. Over time I learned to value what I believe are mine strengths, perhaps trying not to underline others. And I still believe that charm revolves around our sphere intellectual. Osvaldo Soriano said he isn’t there nothing more erotic than a woman reading on the subway.

Anna Foglietta – Courtesy Filorga

How do you agree with commitment and positivity?

I believe with one natural predisposition to adventure. Without it, I would not have been able to embark on the adventure of Every Child is My Child (there non-profit organization who founded and looks after children in war zones, ed). The example of my parents, who have taught me since childhood, is very important see the problem and not the obstacle. To think about things with the attitude of those who react and are willing to sacrifice.

Anna Foglietta – Courtesy Filorga

How do you stay authentic in a society that feeds on overexposure?

We live in the era of body shaming, one of the worst messages to pass on to a child. Demonizing diversity means inculcating the idea that appearance and homologation are a value. I I also use social media to show myself in “normal”, while I take my children to school or I do a beauty mask. I don’t want steps the message that I am always perfect.

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