Animation can bring your corporate vision to life

Animated videos can provide a great way to communicate your brand’s message in an entertaining way. It is the perfect vehicle to concisely communicate what you have to say, grab your audience’s imagination, portray your service or product in a way they understand, and letting the video do the selling!

If you are currently hunting for an animation video company to help you convey what your brand has to say with an engaging video that brings your product or service to life and makes you audience wonder why they’re not using it yet, congratulations. You have identified one of the strongest tools in your marketing arsenal – the animated explainer video.

“wp-image-101128 size-full” title=”Animation can bring your corporate vision to life” src=”” alt=”Animation can bring your corporate vision to life” width=”626″ height=”417″ /> Animation can bring your corporate vision to life

Benefits of animation

People love animation, because it gives them a bias-free space in which to receive a message. Using a human presenter could lead to certain biases and prejudices getting in the way of the message being conveyed, so using an animated character is a great way to sidestep this potential problem.

The figures are promising. Statistics have shown an increase in the interest in animated explainer videos across the board, straddling all age groups. People prefer watching a video than having to deal with a static document, and the numbers of interested viewers are increasing daily.

By far the majority of businesses have turned to using animation video productionto further their marketing objectives, and to get people interested in what they have to offer. Videos are considered an important tool to reach even the most outlying corners of the target market, and have shown the greatest return on investment for the company advertising its goods or services. It is clear that an animated video is the go-to route when it comes to sparking interest and motivating brand engagement.

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Isn’t it expensive?

When it comes to the production costs of making an explainer video, producing an animation video is a lot cheaper than creating a live-action video of the same length.

But surprisingly, cost is not the only reason why companies are turning to animated explainer videos rather than ones featuring people.


With animation comes a limitless potential for execution. An animation company worth their salt will know how to create a compelling story from your brand narrative. Metaphors, illustrations, analogies and comparisons form an crucial part of this type of video, and animation lets you set your scene or extend your narrative as far as you like, without having to concern yourself with travel costs, catering, accommodation for cast and crew and other factors that go hand in hand with a live-action shoot. If you want to create a more abstract world, animation can take care of that with minimal effort.

Videos are no longer something that is nice to have. They are a crucial cornerstone of any marketing communication plan, to help brands stand out above the clutter and remain competitive, so tap into the wonderful world of visual richness to help you move your future vision for your company forward.

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