Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day 2021: Every Egg Location Explained

Bunny Day is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, offering players a chance to gather eggs for various recipes. Here’s every egg location explained.

Bunny Day is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the 2021 event once again includes finding various eggs across a player’s island home. These eggs can be used for a variety of recipes, so collecting them is perfect for crafting those Bunny Day-themed items. For those looking for eggs, here’s everything to know about each egg’s location.

In addition to eggs spawning, Zipper T. Bunny is once again in Animal Crossing. Once players find Zipper, he’ll offer themed gifts. After backlash last year over the frequency of eggs appearing in-game, Nintendo has seemingly balanced things out for Bunny Day 2021. Still, this means that eggs can be commonly found on islands – as long as players know the right places to look.

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Knowing where to find eggs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Bunny Day is important for anyone who wants to craft the various DIY recipes. There are various types of eggs to obtain, and each is specific to a certain location on the island. For instance, Earth Eggs can be found buried in the ground underneath X or star symbols. Leaf Eggs, on the other hand, can be found by shaking non-fruit trees.

Where Eggs Are Hidden In Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day

A player digs up an Earth Egg in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Aside from Earth and Leaf Eggs, there are also Sky, Stone, Water, and Wood Eggs to find. Whereas Leaf Eggs come from shaking non-fruit trees, Wood Eggs are acquired by hitting wood or palm trees with an axe. Sky Eggs can be obtained by shooting down balloons; however, only presents with a rainbow design will have Sky Eggs. Most presents will include DIY recipes instead.

Stone Eggs are found in various rocks on the island in New Horizons, as players can go around hitting rocks with an axe or shovel in order to get them. The final egg type to find is Water Eggs, which can come from fishing in large bodies of water. While the number of most eggs is limited per day, Sky and Water Eggs are unlimited. Once found, these eggs can be used to craft a number of Bunny Day DIY crafting recipes. Due to the limits of most eggs for Bunny Day 2021, it looks as if Nintendo has learned its lesson from last year’s event. Still, many players may opt to sit this event out, especially if they’re still tired of eggs from last year.

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