Animal Crossing’s Best Face Cutout Standee Hole Panel Custom Designs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to let players flex creativity by adding customizable face cutout standees. Here are some creative examples.

The latest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons added a handful of new content for fans to enjoy, including a revamping of the Custom Design Portal. Players can now customize their own Animal Crossing face cutout standees (similar to simple panels, but with holes in them), offering even more creative options for decorating one’s island.

The new feature also gives players the ability to create their own Uchiwa fans, small flags, and umbrellas – another item with much customization versatility. The update brings the Sanrio collaboration to New Horizons, too, and adds new seasonal and Bunny Day items. The Custom Design Portal and new Custom Design Pro Editor+ are probably the update’s best quality of life enhancements, not just because of the new customization possibilities but because the latter lets users with a Nintendo Online Membership access the Custom Design Portal from the convenience of their Nookphones. This eliminates the need to run to the Abel Sisters to browse and download custom designs.

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Like the custom umbrellas, fans are displaying many uses for Animal Crossing‘s new face cutout standees. The obvious application is to bring an array of new pop culture references to New Horizons, like one fan did with King of the Hill-themed cutout standees. While a few similar ideas have been collected here, the standees allow for so many more creative ways for players to decorate both their homes and islands. Here are some fun and unique hole panel custom designs (with codes) to inspire creativity.

Animal Crossing Face Cutout Standee Designs – Tom Nook & Other NPCs

Players can show their appreciation for Animal Crossing favorites like Blathers, Mabel, Isabelle, and Tom Nook with these cute standee options. They can be placed close to the airport entrance to welcome visitors or next to each specific NPC’s designated area: the Mabel standee by the Abel Sisters shop, Tom and Isabelle close to Resident Services, and Blathers by the New Horizons museum. Of course, these can really be placed wherever desired for players and friends to enjoy.

Animal Crossing Face Cutout Standee Designs – Cat Door

A great option for cat lovers is this pet door featuring a little kitty in action. This particular design was made for the creator’s cat café, as they’ve also placed a pet food bowl, cat grass, and cat tower in the room. Any other design can be placed behind the hole cutout to give the illusion that the outdoors or another room can be accessed through this door-lookalike. The creator also has a variety of standee doors to explore via their Creator ID.

Animal Crossing Face Cutout Standee Designs – Final Fantasy 7

Fans of the original Final Fantasy 7 can implement the game’s beloved blocky characters into their New Horizons islands with these Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith standees. Both Animal Crossing and FF7 Remake were big hits in 2020, and more content can be expected later in 2021 for each game. Those who enjoy these two titles can now combine them with these fun custom designs.

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Animal Crossing Face Cutout Standee Designs – Big Ben

If players want to transform their islands into a London setting, then this Big Ben custom design is a must. The poster’s Creator ID also contains designs to make a British flag and a double-decker bus. The use of this Big Ben standee is particularly clever, as an old-fashioned alarm clock is placed behind the cutout for a more realistic effect.

Animal Crossing Face Cutout Standee Designs – Doll Townhouse

Players can add some cuteness to their islands with these doll townhouse standees. The dollhouse item obtained during the Toy Day event in New Horizons would make a great addition to this setting. By situating one’s home on higher ground, players can make a house seem much bigger than it is by adding standees or simple panels in front of it on a lower level, as shown here. Stalls can also be placed behind panels and standees to create an awning effect.

Animal Crossing Face Cutout Standee Designs – Food Truck

An assortment of vehicles are being made by using cutout standees in place of automobile doors. They are perfect for this because they create a window the driver can peek out of. This example uses stalls, simple panels, tire toys, and a wedding bench to make a charming food truck, with a garden gnome proprietor taking the wheel. Designs like these are perfect showcases of why custom standees are truly an excellent and versatile addition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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