Animal Crossing Mad Scientist Lab Even Has Villagers In Test Tubes

Things have taken a dark turn on one Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, as ex-villagers have become part of some mad scientist’s lab experiment.

One Animal Crossing: New Horizons island has been given an ever so slightly sinister vibe, as it contains a mad scientist’s lab complete with villagers in giant test tubes. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just celebrated its one-year anniversary. To mark this occasion, a special one-year anniversary cake was included within the spring update for the game, that was adorably designed to look like an Animal Crossing island. The beautiful cake came complete with trees, shrubs, and Animal Crossing’s leaf logo perched atop it with a number one-shaped candle.

Along with the anniversary cake, other seasonal items were also included in the most recent update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A whoopie cushion to commemorate April Fools Day. There were also prom-themed decorations and clothing items that became available. Nintendo clearly put a lot of imagination and thought into this update. As the game has now entered into its second year, all of the major holidays have already received acknowledgment in Animal Crossing. These fun little nods to smaller and less often celebrated occasions are an amusing way to keep island life fresh for players. But while all of the bright new items from the spring update are currently in use on a number of Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands, another player has used the game’s endless customization options to create their very own, and much darker, creation.

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Redditor treatcie has shared their playful take on an often-macabre setting on their Animal Crossing Island. In a video shared on Reddit, treatcie changes their villager from a delightful and unassuming spring dress into the more eccentric guise of a mad scientist, complete with white overalls, face mask, and steampunk glasses. treatcie then descends the stairs to their dimly lit basement lab, where ex-villagers can be seen in giant class testing tubes around the walls.

While this may sound terrifying, it is unsurprisingly still overflowing with adorableness. After all, test tubes or no test tubes, this is still an island within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is easily one of the most wholesome games currently on offer. Even a villager moodily staring out from behind an island’s notice board whilst wielding an axe does not seem so threatening when envisioned with Animal Crossing’s soft and cartoonish aesthetic.

Despite Animal Crossing: New Horizons no longer being a new release in the gaming world, its popularity has shown no signs of slowing down. Even the recent launch of the Sanrio Amiibo Animal Crossing card sets immediately sold out after going on sale on Friday, as eager fans rushed to get their hands on a pack. It is fair to assume that, as Animal Crossing begins its second trip around the sun, there will be many more fun and creative island designs… from even the most unusual areas of inspiration.

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Source: treatcie/Reddit

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