Animal Crossing: interview with the creators of the designer looks

Animal Crossing: Chanel, Prada and J.W.Anderson, the players of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch they can wear the signature looks of their favorite brands thanks to the creators of Crossing the Runway (@Crossingtherunway). The creative duo of New York began reproducing catwalk outfits for the game’s characters in 2014 and, over the years, has built a real digital archive full of the most significant looks of each season.

We interviewed Richmond and Shel, from Crossing the Runway; the two graphic designers have reproduced exclusively for the Miu Miu look worn by Kaia Gerber on the cover of Fashion Italia in May 2020.

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing

Crossing the Runway. Look Miu Miu spring summer 2020 worn by Kaia Gerber on the cover of Fashion Italia in May 2020

How was Crossing the Runway born?

Crossing the Runway started in the summer of 2014 while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo DS. One of us asked “Wouldn’t it be fun if my character wore this season’s Prada look?”. From there we started making the key looks of that season and we continued like this.

What was the first designer look you created for Animal Crossing?

The first outfit we worked on was look # 19 from the Prada spring summer 2014 collection. We also reproduced other looks from that collection.

Crossing the Runway. Look Prada spring summer 2014

Everyone can access the Crossing the Runway wardrobe?

Yes, all Animal Crossing: New Horizons players on Nintendo Switch, with a Nintendo Online membership, can access the looks we’ve created.

Can game animals also wear designer looks?

Yes, to some extent. We can show 8 outfits at a time in our “shop” in Animal Crossing, so it happens that our animals living in the virtual city randomly wear clothes. It’s always fun to see them go around with the last season’s Bottega Veneta look!

Crossing the Runway. Look J.W.Anderson fall winter 2020 2021

Does Nintendo agree with the extensions of the game?

The custom design feature is a game feature that allows players to customize and share clothing. Players can do whatever they want: create simple graphics or, like us, the catwalk looks. We have been doing this for 6 years and we have never received negative feedback from anyone, nor from Nintendo.

How long does it take to reproduce a look signed for Animal Crossing?

It depends on how detailed the appearance is. For example, the sweaters from the J.W.Andderson fall winter 2020 collection (which we did with David Wojnarowicz, Burning House), took about 15 minutes. On the contrary, for the look # 54 of the Chanel Métier d’Art collection, Paris Dallas 2014 it took several hours to make the ruffled lace look the right way and aligned with the sleeves. Moreover, after having recreated a look from the catwalk, it also takes a long time to prepare for the “photo shoot” [all’interno del gioco, i due creativi ricreano allestimenti e ambientazioni personalizzati ispirati alle campagne pubblicitarie, al set up o al tema della sfilata originale. NdR]

Crossing the Runway. Look Chanel prefall 2014

Have you ever collaborated with a fashion brand for Animal Crossing?

We recently worked with GCDS to create clothing for the game. We had a long dialogue with them to decide the best pieces to recreate within our limits that best represented the brand

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