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Angelina Jolie’s Mesmerizing Tattoos and Their Meanings

Angelina jolie-tattoo
Angelina Jolie’s Mesmerizing Tattoos and Their Meanings

Angelina Jolie is a world-renowned enchanting beauty known for her amazing talent. She has always been in the news for many reasons. But did you know that this beautiful star is a tattoo enthusiast and has more than dozens of tattoos on her body! Although many of her tattoos have either been removed or covered over the years, most of her tattoos were done during her happy times and represent a diary of her life. So, let’s see Angelina Jolie’s tattoos and their meanings.

1. ‘The Bengal Tiger’ Tattoo

Angelina Jolie's Bengal Tiger Tattoo

Tattoos: ‘The Bengal Tiger’ tattoo on his lower back.

meaning: Angelina got a ‘Bengal Tiger’ tattoo 12 inches long and 8 inches wide on her lower back in 2004. This tattoo is engraved by the tattoo artist, ‘Sompong Confai’ Who blessed this tattoo with an ancient hymn. Angelina’s ‘Khmer’ The tattoo is also inscribed by him. ‘The Bengal Tiger’ tattoo was done to commemorate his Cambodian citizenship. The tattoo was done in a traditional Thai style, using a manual needle.

Before that, he was a ‘Ancient Dragon with a Window’ Tattoos that have now been modified with ‘Bengal Tiger’ Tattoo The window tattoo symbolizes his quest to be elsewhere. Later, she was modified with a tiger tail because she believed she had already found the place she wanted to live.

Angelina Jolie - Ancient Dragon Tattoo

Angelina’s ‘ancient dragon’ tattoo is now covered with ‘Bengal tiger’ tattoo

2. I Know Your Rights’ Tattoo

Know your right tattoo

Tattoos: ‘Know your rights’ tattooed on his upper back.

meaning: it’s a song ‘crack up’ (His favorite band). He got this tattoo made in 2004.

3. ‘Khmer Script’ tattoo

Angelina khmer script tattoo

Tattoos: ‘Khmer script’ tattoo on his left shoulder.

meaning: Before, Angelina’s Japanese word was ‘Death’ It was written on his left shoulder as ‘reminder to live for reminder’, which is now covered ‘Khmer script’ Tattoo He gets ‘Khmer script’ prayed for his son Maddox Chivan Which he adopted in 2002. He got this tattoo done to save his son from bad luck. In English, this tattoo means,

Your enemies may run away from you; If you receive money, will they always remain yours; Your beauty will be of the nymph; Wherever you may go, many people will serve you, serve you and protect you.

Again, this tattoo is painted by the tattoo artist, Sompong Kanfai.

Angelina-Jolie's death tattoo

The Japanese word ‘Death’ is now covered with ‘Khmer Script’ tattoo

4. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Angelina jolie-cross tattoo

Tattoos: ‘Cross’ tattoo below her waist.

meaning: Angelina got a big ‘To get across’ Tattoo to cover her last ‘Blue tongue dragon’ The tattoo that he got during a trip to Amsterdam. It was a funky-looking tattoo of a dragon with a blue tongue and she got the tattoo when she was not in her senses and she soon regrets it. The tattoo was soon covered with a cross tattoo. With cross tattoos, she inscribed the phrase Quad Me Nutri Me Destro. ‘

She received the cross tattoo in 1995, the day before she married Johnny Lee Miller. After receiving this tattoo he made a public statement, and

It was all symbolic, and it was a good thing, nothing was dark. “

Angelina Jolie-Blue Tongue Dragon Tattoo

Angelina Jolie’s ‘blue tongue dragon’ tattoo is now covered with ‘cross’ tattoo

5. ‘Quad me Nutri me destroit’ tattoo

Angelina Jolie Quad Me Nutri Me Destro Tattoo

Tattoos: ‘Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit’ tattoo below her waist.

meaning: To cover the blue-tongued dragon tattoo, Angelina additionally received a large black cross with a Latin saying. Proverb ‘Quad me Nutrition me Destruct’ Overlaid with a cross that translates

He who nourishes me destroys me. “

She got the tattoo in 1995, the day before she married Johnny Lee Miller.

6. ‘Roman Numeral’ Tattoo

Angelina-jolie roman numeral tattoo

Tattoos: The ‘Roman numeral’ tattoo is on his left forearm.

meaning: Roman numerals Thirteenth (13) and A V MCMXL Angelina’s left arm is inked. Both tattoos were inscribed separately, the XIII number was tattooed in 2009 to show disbelief in superstition and dated May 13, 1940. It was the day ‘Winston Churchill’ Gave a famous speech,

I have nothing to offer blood, toilets, tears and sweat. “

7. ‘Arabic Language’ Tattoo

Angelina-Jolie willpower tattoo

Tattoos: The ‘Arabic language’ tattoo is on his right forearm.

meaning: This is another cover-up tattoo that was created to cover a matching ‘abstract’ tattoo that Angelina got when she met her ex-husband Billy bob. word ‘Determination’ The Arabic script has ink on its right forearm and according to Jolie it means ‘strength of will.’

Angelina jolie-abstract tattoos

Angelina Jolie’s ‘Abstract’ tattoo is now covered with ‘Arabic language’ tattoo

8. 8. Geographic coordinates’ tattoo

Angelina Jolie coordinates geographic tattoo

Tattoos: ‘Geographic coordinates’ tattoo

meaning: Earlier, Angelina Jolie had a dragon tattoo with the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob. The Billy Bob tattoo was discontinued in 2003 when they officially divorced. After her ex-husband’s name was removed, she made a public statement. he said,

I will never be so stupid that a man’s name is inscribed on me again. It took 5 visits to the tattoo removal clinic to erase the dragon and you can still see it a little. “

Later, Angelina obtained the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces at the same place.

A set of seventh ordinances was also added in 2011 which is believed to be the birthplace of Brad Pitt.

Angelina jolie 7 coordinates

Angelina established the seventh ordination in 2011 about Brad Pitt’s birthplace

Angelina_joli billy bob tattoo

Angelina had a dragon tattoo with the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob, which she removed from laser treatment

9. ‘A pain in the CAG tattoo for heartbeat

A prayer for wild tattoos

Tattoos: ‘A pain in the tattoo on his left arm for a heart injury.’

meaning: The subtitle of this tattoo is described Tennessee Williams’ 1941 game ‘From the stairs to the roof.’ In an interview, Angelina made a statement about this tattoo. he said,

I don’t think I know a person who I think they can be completely who they are, every second of the day, who feels completely free … so it’s important for everyone to find their happiness For, to break out… To make anything is like a prayer. We have comfort, those things are cages around us. “

She got the tattoo made in January 2007 in the presence of her mother after battling ovarian and breast cancer for nearly 8 years.

10. “H” Tattoo

Angelina Jolie's 'H' tattoo

Tattoos: ‘H’ tattoo near his left wrist.

meaning: Angelina got the runway style ‘H’ tattoo which is a tribute to her brother, James haven. Some even speculated that the tattoo was for her ex-boyfriend Timothy Hutton. Still, there has been no public confirmation about this tattoo by Jolie.

11. 11. M ‘Tattoo

Angelina jolie tattoo letter m

Tattoos: ‘M’ tattoo on his right palm.

meaning: Another letter ‘M’ is inscribed on the palm of Angelina’s hand and is a tribute to her mother Marcheline Bertrand, He died in January 2007 after battling breast and ovarian cancer for nearly eight years.

12. ‘Whiskey Bravo’ Tattoo

Whiskey Bravo Tattoo Angelina-Jolie

Tattoos: ‘Whiskey Bravo’ tattoo on her inner right thigh.

meaning: Whiskey Bravo represents Brad Pitt’s habits. Angelina and Brad Pitt are both licensed pilots and whiskey is Brad Pitt’s initials in the Bravo Aviation alphabet.

13.) Yant Krau Pate (Diamond Armor) ‘Tattoo

Angelina Jolie-Yant Craw Belly (Diamond Armor) Tattoo

Tattoos: The ‘Yant craw belly (Diamond armor)’ tattoo is on the right side of his back.

meaning: This is a Buddhist device tattoo performed by a Thai monk, Ajran nu kanpai Joe flew from Bangkok to Cambodia exclusively for Angelia tattoos. Angelina was in Cambodia to shoot her film. This tattoo describes the powerful qualities of Buddha that bring good luck, wealth, progress and success in career. It also removes evil spirits and protects during bad times of life.

14. ada yahin vaha charanam sada sada ‘tattoo

Angelina Jolie-Yan Vihan Fa Chad perpetual tattoo

Tattoos: ‘Yant Vihaan Charan Cha Sada’ tattoo on the center of his back.

meaning: Thai monk Ajran nu kanpai In particular flew from Bangkok to Cambodia to ink this tattoo on Angelina’s back. This tattoo includes two yantas with magical texts, meaning only known to Arjun Nu. Not only that, but he had also inscribed a Buddhist symbol on Brad Pitt’s stomach using the same ink. These Buddhist tattoos on Angelina and Brad were symbolically designed to tie them together as husband and wife. However, the two separated in September 2016.

15. ‘Tattoo of Buddhist Whirlpools’

Angelina Jolie - Buddhist Swir Tattoo

Tattoos: ‘Buddhist Whirlpool’ tattoo on his left arm.

meaning: Angelina received this tattoo to ward off evil and bring protection, blessings, and good luck.

16. ‘Persian’ Tattoos

Angelina jolie-persian tattoo

Tattoos: The ‘Persian’ tattoo is on his right toe.

meaning: This tattoo is a beautiful line from the divine poem of the Persian poet Rumi. It is called

A field exists, beyond all perceptions of right and wrong. I will meet you there.”

17. ‘Tribal Pattern’ Tattoo

Angelina jolie-tribal pattern tattoo

Tattoos: The ‘Tribal Pattern’ tattoo is on her lower back and right hip.

meaning: Tribal pattern tattoos have different meanings in different cultures. Generally, they are told about family, related cultures and traditions. Just above her tribal pattern tattoo on her lower back, she had a dragon tattoo which she covered with a ‘Bengal Tiger’ tattoo.

18. ‘Japanese Symbol of Courage’ Tattoo

There is no image available.

Tattoos: Japanese Symbol of Courage ‘on his body, but the exact location of this tattoo is not known.

meaning: She received this matching tattoo with her ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller. After her laying out in 1999, she removed the tattoo.

19. ‘Energy Waves’ Tattoo

There is no image available.

Tattoos: ‘Energy Waves’ tattoo just below her navel.

meaning: This tattoo was done in 1998 by tattoo artist, Damon Rowachilde. However, he removed the tattoo.

20. ‘Billy Bob’ Tattoo

There is no image available.

Tattoos: ‘Billy Bob’ tattooed on his pubic area.

meaning: There is no clear information available regarding this tattoo.

21. ‘Brad Pitt’ Tattoo

There is no image available.

Tattoos: He has a ‘Brad Pitt’ tattoo on his body, but the exact location of this tattoo is not known.

meaning: According to media reports, Angelina received a tattoo about her ex-husband Brad Pitt, but no information is available about this tattoo.

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