Angelina Jolie Sells A Painting By Winston Churchill For More Than $11 Million

Winston Churchill is clearly not best known for his paintings for history, but he is nonetheless very weak in painting throughout his lifetime. However, during the time of the Second World War, he sat in front of the easel only once, visiting Marrakesh in 1943 with President Franklin Roosevelt to build the “Tower of the Coutbunia Mosque”. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that Angelina Jolie has sold that painting for $ 11.6 million.

Churchill painted the “Tower of the Kautbaua Mosque” as a gift to FDR, but since his death in 1945 it has changed hands several times. The $ 11.6 million Jolie family collection exceeded any expectations for the sale of the painting, as it was expected to go up to $ 3.4 million only by sales estimates.


The painting was priced at $ 11.6 million after battling at least ten bidders in the painting for about ten minutes, and in the process set a record for the highest price paid for a Churchill painting. Previous Churchill works have sold for $ 2.5 million, but this particular piece is considered more valuable because of its historical significance and the circumstances under which it was painted.

According to the story, Churchill painted the “Tout of the Cautabobia Mosque” shortly after the 1943 Casablanca conference, in which he and President Roosevelt met about their plans to win the war. After visiting the President with him on his tour of Marrakesh, he did the painting and described it as “a memory of this short interval in the crash of war”.

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