Andrew’s Kid Daycare Business Changed Names 3 Times

As fans continue to lash out at his daycare, Andrew is on the defense, saying there is an explanation for everything fishy, ​​including a triple name change.

Fans have a lot of questions about 90 day fiancé Andrew Kenton’s daycare, and he said unequivocally that everything is above the table. Several legal documents on his daycare list several names for the business, and it has raised some eyebrows. Questions have swirled about the legitimacy of Andrew’s business, but he sticks to his claims that his daycare is booming.

Although he gained a bad reputation for treating his ex-fiancé Amira Lollysa, earlier in Season 8 Andrew was a harmless nerd who owned a daycare with his mother Lori. After seeing his behavior on the show, many fans wondered if he should take care of the children, but whatever their concerns, his business is licensed and legal. While the daycare is generally listed as Kenton, Lori & Andrew Childcare, it has appeared under other trade names as well, including Young One University and Golden Rule.

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Andrew insists that the company name has been changed several times for legitimate reasons and has always been done legally. “The Golden Rule is a trade name my mom used over ten years ago for her daycare», He commented Screen Rant. “They chose to close there [sic] doors in 2015. I started a brand new business in 2018 and called it Young One University, it has grown to surpass the previous incarnation.“Fans have previously criticized Andrew’s decisions regarding his business and have alleged that he received a small business loan that did not apply to him – which he strongly denies.

A lot of the details about Andrew’s business seem a bit suspicious, like the lawsuit that has been filed against her. But Andrew assures fans of the show that there is an explanation for everything, including the daycare’s other name change. “The name has been Young One University for three years, but we became an official LLC in early 2020,” he said. I submitted the restructuring request long before COVID got out of hand. Long before even being featured on the show. I did this for business and tax purposes, I had no idea at the time that COVID would turn out like it did or that I would ultimately be on a silly reality show. “

Andrew isn’t exactly a favorite among fans, so they are quick to research issues with his daycare business. He can refute their claims as much as he wants, but it won’t stop 90 day fiancé fans trying to dig up the dirt on the Season 8 villain. Andrew leaned into his role as a villain, and the criticism comes with the territory. He better make sure all the ducks in his small business are in order, as fan investigations of his business are unlikely to end.

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