Andrew Kenton Dragged For Bragging & Inflating Ego On His Website

Andrew made fans cringe yet again when his website made the rounds online. What pretentious and questionable claims did the daycare dude make?

Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa’s relationship has been problematic since the start of 90 Day Fiancé season 8. Fans quickly took a dislike to Andrew for the way he manipulated and gaslit his fiancé Amira. Andrew has officially earned the villain label, so fans have no problem trashing him for his pretentiousness. He’s gotten a lot of criticism for his social media activity and now that the internet has discovered his personal website, it’s open season for roasting the “Kind Dragon.”

Andrew successfully pushed Amira to travel to Serbia as a way to circumvent COVID travel restrictions. But once she got to Serbia, his support of her seemed to evaporate. Fans have speculated about Andrew and Amira’s relationship status all season, but a recent episode featured the couple’s dramatic breakup. After having a panic attack due to the pressure Andrew put on her, Amira didn’t get on her plane to America. Andrew then denigrated her in a series of disturbing texts that he has since claimed were faked by production. 

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Fans were quick to take Amira’s side and have been highly critical of Andrew ever since, so when his personal website made the rounds online, they couldn’t hold back their snark. Andrew’s sparse website contains an “about” section, a shop where fans can purchase a book he wrote and its related merchandise, and links to Andrew’s social media accounts. His website demonstrates an overinflated ego and contains several questionable claims about his accomplishments and credentials.

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Andrew’s “about” section is the real treasure trove of cringeworthy self aggrandizing. The California native claims to have acquired four degrees but does not say where they were from. He says he owns a “popular preschool” that Andrew actually co-owns and operates with his mother, and has received numerous bad reviews. Andrew claims he has “built a thriving empire that includes preschools and children’s books,” even though he co-owns one preschool and has written one book. 

Fans were blown away by how obliviously self-important the website is and quickly read Andrew to filth. “Four degrees but works in daycare. Let me run that though the ol’ bulls*** detector,” one fan commented. The website was described by some as “hilariously pathetic” and said all Andrew built was “a thriving empire of cringe.” Fans correctly identified that the website was created by someone with a “disproportionately large ego,” and speculated that being on the show has gone to his head.

Andrew has been called out for humblebragging before, but the website is a new low for the 90 Day Fiancé star. It’s fine to be proud of one’s accomplishments, and Andrew certainly has some. Writing and publishing a children’s book is an achievement, but to call that and co-ownership of a daycare run out of his mother’s home a “thriving empire” is pretty delusional. Andrew hasn’t seemed to have gained much insight from his time on the show, so he shouldn’t expect fan’s criticism to end any time soon.

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Source: Andrew Kenton, Reddit

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