57 Anchor Tattoos with True Meaning (2023)

Anchor Tattoos are usually worn by sailors. However, during ancient times, the anchor was being used as a hidden symbol of Christianity. Christians used the anchor symbol in order to avoid persecution from the Romans. Generally, the anchor represents hope, salvation, composure, calm and steadfastness.

24. Anchor Tattoos On Thigh

Anchor Tattoos On Thigh

By adding images, flowers and other objects you can make your anchor tattoo more unique.

25. Anchor Tattoos On Wrist

Anchor Tattoos On Wrist

This is a beautiful and traditional anchor tattoo placed on the wrist.

26. Small Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos Small

This is a plain anchor tattoo drawn on the chest.

27. Anchor Tattoos With Quotes

Anchor Tattoos With Quotes

It’s time to let go of the past.

28. Anchor Tattoos With Rope

Anchor Tattoos With Rope

The anchor and rope design is a cool combination that looks more masculine.

29. Anchor Tattoos With Skull

Anchor Tattoos With Skull

The anchor combines with a skull looks cool and scary too.

30. Anchor Tattoos With Waves

Anchor Tattoos With Waves

This anchor tattoo is combined with waves and a heart at the center.

31. Anchor Tattoo With Birds

Anchor Tattoo With Birds

This is a very colorful anchor and birds tattoo.

32. Anchor Tattoo With Feather

Anchor Tattoo With Feather

Black and gray tattoos look cool and quite masculine.

33. Anchor Tattoo With Purple Flowers

Anchor Tattoo With Purple Flowers

Anchor tattoos have significant meanings to the wearer.

34. Anchor Tattoo With Quotes

Anchor Tattoo With Quotes

Don’t let yourself sink.

35. Anchor Tattoo With Roses

Anchor Tattoo With Roses

The anchor and roses tattoo combination signifies honor, love, and sacrifice.

36. Beautiful Anchor Tattoos

Beautiful Anchor Tattoos

An anchor tattoo design with flowers looks best on women.

37. Black Anchor Tattoo Design

Black Anchor Tattoo Design

Symbolically, an anchor signifies the determination to withstand any circumstance of life.

38. Black And Gray Anchor Tattoo

Black And Gray Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoo designs combined with heart shows the person’s passion and dedication towards his/her loved one.

39. Unique Anchor Tattoo Designs

Boat Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoo designs provide strength to the personality of the wearer.

40. Colorful Anchor Tattoo

Colorful Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoo designs with roses are very exquisite and are more suitable on women.

41. Cross Anchor Tattoos

Cross Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoo designs with a rope can be seen on sailors and other people who are associated with the ocean.

42. Female Anchor Tattoos

Female Anchor Tattoos

The roses on the anchor provide a feminine touch to the tattoo.

43. Navy Anchor Tattoo

Navy Anchor Tattoo

Some people combine their tattoo with words that are chosen by them.

44. Old School Anchor Tattoo Design

Old School Anchor Tattoo Design

The placement of the tattoo will depend on its size and design.

45. Rosary Anchor Tattoos

Rosary Anchor Tattoos

This tattoo signifies that we have to stand up against all the adversities in life.

46. Skull Anchor Tattoo

Skull Anchor Tattoo

This is a scary anchor tattoo.

47. Skull And Anchor Tattoo

Skull And Anchor Tattoo

You can combine other objects to your anchor tattoo design to make it more meaningful.

The Meaning of an Anchor

The symbol of the anchor shows that a person is in sync with themselves and holds on to the values they believe in like security, stability and being grounded. Whereas in a relationship it means being there for each other, functioning as each other’s anchor through complicated times.

Before getting a real anchor tattoo, we like to work with temporary tattoos first so you can figure out and try the exact position you want your anchor to be, and test multiple different designs. We can guarantee, this will avoid a lot of regrets and its a fun part of your new tattoo adventure! Below are favorite and most professional temporary anchor tattoos.

Anchor Tattoos FAQ

Anchor tattoos are a popular and beautiful way to enhance your appearance. If you are considering getting an anchor tattoo, you probably have a few questions. We have compiled here some of our readers’ top anchor tattoo questions to help you along the way.

What is the best way to pick the type of anchor tattoo I want?

There are many ways you can choose the artwork you would like on your body. A simple search online will yield tons of results. You can also request that your tattoo artist draw something custom up for you. This will sometimes add an extra fee, so make sure you check out the shop’s policy first.

Are anchor tattoos painful?

All tattoos are associated with a certain degree of pain. This depends on a number of factors such as tattoo placement, whether you get to color in your tattoos and how heavy your artist’s hands are. Getting a small tattoo first is a fantastic way to find out just how painful it will be for you.

What does an anchor tattoo mean?

Many people get anchor tattoos for the symbolism. An anchor tattoo can mean steadfastness, steadiness, and being sure of yourself. This can also be a symbol for a Navy veteran crossing the Atlantic for the first time.

Anchor Tattoos Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoy this collection of anchor tattoos.  When anchor tattoos are combined with other symbols, it creates new meanings.  Most often, it will greatly depend on the person wearing it. Sometimes anchor tattoos can be huge or small and are combined with heart, rope, roses, birds and even quotes.  During the previous years, anchor tattoos are desired by men.  But now, most women love them too and it makes them more stylish and fashionable.  Anchor tattoos are also perfect for couples.

All in all, an anchor tattoo is a symbol of hope, stability and being strong.  I wish that you can have hope and stay strong no matter what trials may come in your way.  Happy tattooing!  What anchor tattoo would you like to have? Share it on our facebook page or in the comments.

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