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Sydney, the capital of Australia, is famous for many things including the Opera House, Australia’s major tourist attraction. These attractions, combined with the presence of delightful and sunny weather, have turned the capital Sydney into a tourist magnet. As more tourists visit this beautiful city every year, the tourist industry thriving here and, as a result, there is more around Sydney than ever before. Among the activities you can enjoy in and around Sydney, when there is a rush of excitement and good adrenaline, one activity comes up – skydiving.

Perhaps the most popular adventure sport, skydiving has been everyone’s dream at least once. If you count yourself among those who still dream about jumping out of an airplane, Sydney will not disappoint. Read on to get all the details Skydiving in sydney Before facing one!

Why skydive in Sydney?

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Skydiving is a popular adventure sport in Australia and, as a result, there are new diving spots across the country. With so many options available, why is a blog post dedicated to a city? Skydiving in Sydney is better than other diving spots in neighboring cities? Here are some things:

  • Convenient: As mentioned earlier, Sydney is one of Australia’s busiest cities for tourists and most travel routes to Australia go through Sydney. This means, in order to have a skydive, you will not need to go out of your way, and can even fit the activity into an existing itinerary without moving many things around.
  • Affordable: Many of us can only dream about skydiving that traditionally, the activity costs a lot. However, things are different in Sydney. With many diving sites, and as a result, many organizations offering activity, the city boasts of a healthy competition among those who offer skydiving to tourists. As a result of this competition, skydiving in Sydney is significantly cheaper than other other diving sites around the world. This means that even if you do skydiving in addition to last minute for your itinerary, it will not have a dramatic effect on your budget for the trip.
  • High-Inspirational: To be fair, most skydiving experiences are awesome. However, the Sydney skyline is a spectacle from the ground and when the sky is seen falling down from the sky at a high speed, the view just becomes even more rewarding. Diving on the Sydney skyline is a one-of-a-kind experience.

During a trip, most things do not have all three qualities- Awesome, inexpensive and convenient. However, skydiving in Sydney is a terrible exception. However, as fun as skydiving is, it is still a dangerous adventure sport. Before you proceed with the decision to free yourself from 15,000 feet, there are certain conditions that you need to meet to be declared suitable for the activity.

Ideas before skydiving in Sydney

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Those who have dived by airplane may already know that they have to follow certain rules before they can be declared fit to dive. Thankfully, these rules are not very difficult to maintain.

To get you up to speed, here are some things to keep in mind, which is the first time you skydive:

  • Favorable Weather Conditions: The probability of having a skydive depends largely on the weather. While Sydney has very sunny weather most of the time, there are always exceptions. In addition, adverse wind conditions may also prevent you from making your first dive. With that said, most businesses offering skydiving take their work very seriously and will always do their best to make the most of their experience. Since they cannot control the weather, it is smart to set aside a few extra hours for activity.
  • Dress: You may have seen videos of people skydiving in shorts and T-shirts and thankfully Freedom Pro is not limited to Skydivers. The required dress codes for skydives are simply casual clothes. However, there is a catch. With a restriction on wearing shoes or heels, the experience provider will also provide you with jump pants and wool and gloves if necessary.
  • Age and weight restrictions: The activity is only permitted for persons over 12 years of age. For minors between the ages of 12 and 18, the consent and presence of a guardian is required. The weight restriction is also fairly straightforward – individuals weighing more than 120 kg must undergo a fitness assessment and cannot be allowed to dive. The surcharge is also applicable for persons weighing more than 95 kg.
  • Restrictions on the consumption of alcohol and drugs: There is a strict rule against the consumption of alcohol or drugs of any kind at least six hours before skydive.
  • Rookie skydiver: While this is considered common knowledge, it is still worth noting that beginners are not allowed to skydive alone. A tandem instructor will keep himself to you and control his decent to ensure that you have a safe first-hand experience.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the rules, it is time to find out what to expect from your first skydiving experience.

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Skydiving in Sydney: What to Expect

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As previously mentioned, skydiving in Sydney is a competitive market and experience providers go to great lengths to ensure their customers are treated to a delightful experience. Most providers have a departure lounge located within the city, and offer complimentary shuttle service to their dive destinations located on the outskirts of the city. This is where your skydive experience will begin.

After driving to the dive site, you will be given information about safety measures. The briefing will last approximately 10 minutes and once it is over, it is time to jump your ride up to 15000 feet in the sky. As the custom-modified aircraft climbs, it is time to strap in with your tandem instructor.

Once it is out of the way, it is time for the main event. Dive out of the plane with your tandem instructor and start your free-fall back to Earth at the same speed that sometimes exceeds the 220 kmph mark.

Most of the freefels in Sydney last about 60 seconds before the parachute is deployed. The parachute will be guided by a tandem instructor at a designated landing site, where your skydiving experience ends.

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Top 3 places for skydiving in Sydney

Sydney is home to several diving sites operated by various business entities. While being spoiled for choice is not a bad thing, choosing a diving site can be a trivial task, especially for first-timers. Here is a comparison of all the diving sites in Sydney to help you make a decision:

1. Wollongong (Skydive Australia)

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The Wollongong Skydiving Site is perfect for beginners. The reason is that unlike other diving sites in the area, it occurs at an elevation of 7,000 feet. This is perfect for those who are not sure if the experience is for them. In addition, it is also the cheapest option for skydiving in Sydney and starts at $ 249.

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2. Southern Sydney Beach

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Also in the Wollongong area, it sits at the other end of the Sydney skydiving experience spectrum. The dive is at an altitude of 15,000 feet and the freefall can last up to 60 seconds. The dive takes place on the beach and offers the best view of Sydney. Thanks to the popularity of the scene, this experience is a bit expensive and can set you back up to $ 320.

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3. Hunter Valley

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Another exemplary place for a skydive out of your dreams, Hunter Valley Dive offers a stunning combination of excitement and breathtaking views. The dive takes place at 15,000 feet and lasts over 60 seconds. At $ 250, it is a pocket friendly alternative to the South Sydney Beach dive site. While the price tags do not fool you, the scenes of Hunter Valley Vineyards, NSW beaches and the sprawling expanse of Australian fauna are an absolute joy to set aside after a heart-stopping freefall.

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Before wrapping up, we want to educate readers about the confusion associated with skydiving prices. While many make the mistake of thinking that videography is involved with the cost of diving, this is rarely the case. As you can see, skydiving can be a fun activity in Sydney but it is part of the complexities. Thankfully, these can be easily noticed with a little research and planning. Plan your trip to Sydney with TravelTriangle and have the best holiday!

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