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4 Alternative to Orthodontic: Invisalign

An Alternative to Orthodontic: Invisalign

Orthodontic: Invisalign : Not everyone has a perfectly-aligned set of pearliest. Sometimes the teeth may be crooked or so badly aligned. That it becomes necessary for the person to wear braces. But this orthodontic attachment isn’t comfortable, it mars the appearance of your smile and this is where Invisalign comes in.

Orthodontic cosmetic dentistry
Orthodontic cosmetic dentistry

Today, it has become one of the leading cosmetic dentistry alternatives to orthodontics. In addition to straightening your smile, it offers a number of other benefits as well. It’s considered to be a form of cosmetic dentistry but isn’t invasive like some surgical procedures.

The benefits

If you are seeking the most effective option to conventional metal bracket braces? Then you should consider Invisalign for the range of benefits it offers such as:

  • These aligners are almost invisible and you can wear them to work or anywhere else. Without having to worry about them impacting your appearance.
  • Invisalign is also removable and you have the option to remove them when you like.
  • They don’t have any wires or metal brackets to irritate your mouth and cause discomfort.
  • You can also view the virtual results of Invisalign as well as the treatment plan. That will follow before you actually start the process. This helps you make a more well-informed decision about whether the outcome is worth the effort, time and money.

While most people are aware of the fact that Invisalign is almost invisible. But they aren’t aware of all these other benefits we are talking. Here we provide answers to some commonly asked questions about Invisalign. This will help you get a better understanding of what these are. And why this cosmetic dentistry treatment is a much better alternative to orthodontics.

  1. Is Invisalign treatment shorter than standard braces treatment?

Yes, in most instances Invisalign treatment is much quicker and more effective than traditional braces.

  1. What is the duration of the entire treatment?

On average, an adult’s Invisalign treatment takes only 12 months. So in just a matter of a year, you can get a straighter, more beautiful and healthier smile. The duration of the treatment in young adults and teens can vary as the overall duration of the case is dependent on the severity of your condition. A skilled Invisalign-trained dentist would be able to give you the estimated time frame of the treatment once they have conducted an initial checkup of your teeth. You can have an invisalign treatment in many good dentists such as Invisalign provider in Florida.

  1. What aspects affect the duration of the treatment?

Invisalign cosmetic dentistry is most effective when the aligners are worn between 20-22 hours each day and are removed only while brushing, flossing and eating. That means you can still freely eat the foods you love without worrying about the condition of your teeth. Traditional braces are extremely restrictive and people that have them can’t eat all the foods they like. The best way to ensure that your treatment is completed on schedule is to wear Invisalign for the recommended period of time.

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The other aspect that comes in to play if you want your treatment to move smoothly is to visit your dentist regularly. You will be required to schedule appointments with your dentist every 4-6 w Yeeks to ensure that everything is fine and that your progress is taking place as expected.

  1. Is there any post-maintenance treatment?

While it’s a fact that this treatment is quite fast, you have to make efforts to maintain the dental changes post the treatment. Most dentists recommend that once you have completed Invisalign treatment, you should use a retainer to prevent your teeth from slowly shifting back into their original position. Invisalign works to straighten your teeth in one year.

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