Among Us’ Halo Easter Egg On The Airship Map, Explained

Among Us’ Airship update includes a hidden Halo Easter egg. InnerSloth included a reference to the Bloodblade from Halo 2’s Zombie mode.

Among Us‘ Airship update took flight on March 31, and added the social deduction game’s largest map ever, new features, and a colorful list of cosmetics. The Airship update was inspired by The Henry Stickmin Collection, a series of interactive animations created by Among Us developer InnerSloth. The new map is riddled with callbacks to Henry Stikmin that long-time fans will pick up on, but InnerSloth also added a handful of other Easter eggs, including one from Halo.

If players walk to the top left of the Airship, they’ll run into the Vault. Two tasks can be found in this room, along with a pile of gold, a collection of Among Us outfits, and two seemingly random items in the bottom left quadrant of the Vault. One of those items is a special variant of the iconic Halo Type-1 Energy Sword, known as the Bloodblade.

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Fans of Bungie’s sci-fi FPS will immediately recognize the Covenant weapon that was devastating in close-quarters combat throughout the Halo universe. The plasma blade traditionally glows blue, but Halo has featured rare modifications of the weapon that gave the Bloodblade its unique, crimson hue. Unfortunately, Impostors aren’t able to pick up the weapon and use it on their murderous rampage on the Airship. There’s a specific reason why InnerSloth included the Bloodblade and not a standard Energy Sword, like the one that is found on the Airship in The Henry Stickmin Collection.

Among Us: Halo Bloodblade Easter Egg Explained

Among Us Airship Halo GoldenEye Easter Eggs

The Bloodblade only appears in two Halo games, Halo 2: Anniversary’s multiplayer modes and Halo Wars 2. It’s also seen and referenced in the graphic novel Halo: Tales from Slipspace and the short-story collection Halo: Evolutions. It’s the signature weapon of Covenant Special Operations Sangheili, like the Silent Shadow assassins, but it’s best known for its appearance in Halo 2: Anniversary’s Infection mode.

The multiplayer game type is an official version of the Zombie custom game that was widely popular in the original Halo 2. To win the game, players need to remain uninfected while zombie players (who wield Bloodblades) try to infect everyone in the game before time runs out. The Halo game mode is essentially a more brutal version of Among Us, which could be why InnerSloth included the Bloodblade in the Airship’s Vault area. While the origin of InnerSloth’s Impostors is cloudy, the game’s murderers are similar to infectious aliens from sci-fi horror movies like Alien and The Thing. The Easter egg is likely paying homage to Bungie’s beloved game mode.

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