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amfAR Gala: the first charity show online and at home

amfAR Gala: the first charity show online and at home

amfAR Gala for the fight against Covid-19. On Youtube. In a “normal” year, Carine Roitfeld in this early May would have been busy preparing for the Cannes Film Festival in view of the annual amfAR gala at the Hotel Cap du Eden-Roc, the location where she usually organizes the parade charity that raises funds for the fight against AIDS. But due to the COVID emergency, Cannes jumped, and the amFAR Gala event was also in doubt.

But Roitfeld and YouTube have found a smart solution by creating the first charity show online and at home. It happened on Friday 1 May, YouTube aired a spectacular parade, starring names of the caliber of Kim Kardashian West, Karlie Kloss, Hailey Bieber, Joan Smalls, Karen Elson, Miss Fame, and many others, who walked the catwalk wearing the your favorite outfit: but in this case the “catwalk” was the hallway of the house. And “present”, there were designers such as Virgil Abloh, Diane von Furstenberg, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Alexander Wang.

amfAR Gala: the first charity show online and at home
amfAR Gala: the first charity show online and at home

“Since the parade could not be done, the idea was to combine the two: the catwalk for amfAR and the fight against COVID-19,” explained Roitfeld on the phone from Paris, where he was eagerly awaiting the debut event. The foundation, created in 1983 to combat the AIDS emergency and which raised more than $ 20 million for AIDS research, has set up a new fund to combat COVID-19. In addition to raising public awareness of charity activities, many of the parade participants made donations to the fund themselves. “I am really delighted to have been able to do all this,” added Roitfeld. “I hope this year was a fun event, and it made people smile. Nothing is easy these days, and the role of fashion is to make us smile. “

Derek Blasberg, who directs the YouTube channels dedicated to fashion, helped Roitfeld to create the show to be seen from home. \”I have seen a lot of fashion shows that Carine organized for amfAR and I immediately liked the idea of ​​bringing some of that fun on the Internet so that everyone could see the parade, and at the same time make people aware of this extraordinary cause. One might think that at the production level there is a huge difference with the amfAR show that Roitfeld organizes every year in Cannes, with diamonds and couture dresses, but the stylist and her team worked tirelessly because the show we saw from home it was as enthralling as the “real” ones.

“I’m a super control freak!” She said laughing, and points out that if she had to “give up” part of her supervision to the models, her trusted team of collaborators was involved in offering them valuable advice. “Tom Pecheux and Sam McKnight shot mini videos to teach the models the tips for putting on makeup and combing their hair, while Stephen Galloway explained to them how to walk, because he is a magnificent choreographer and has worked on all the fashion shows. Piergiorgio (del Moro, Ed.) Helped us with the casting, and Michel Gaubert chose the music for the parade and sent the music to the models for rehearsals “. Roitfeld and his two assistants also video called some of the models on Zoom to choose the looks together.

“I think they did an extraordinary job, and I hope the event made you smile, but also move you,” says Roitfeld. “For me it was a very involving thing. The nurses and doctors who work to protect us are my greatest heroes, my greatest icons are these people. These are the priorities “.

After the show aired live on YouTube, it is available on the site, perhaps creating a precedent on what digital fashion shows will look like in the future. So are you ready to enjoy the delayed show?

“It does not seem that the fashion shows will return to being the same as always, at least not in the immediate future. What I liked about this opportunity is that we do not stream the Paris fashion shows, but we do see the power of fashion directly from the living room, or, as regards Cara Taylor, from the driveway at home, “said Blasberg, who considers the fall winter 2020 fashion show in streaming by Giorgio Armani, but also other content on YouTube, an example to look at to digitally convey all the excitement and excitement of “live” fashion. “One of the most exciting things about this project with Carine and her team is the idea that we can still do fashion shows and that they can still be beautiful and very engaging if we learn to think outside the box compared to the past.”

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