‘American Idol’ Fans Are Livid at the “HUGE” Mistake Made in the Top 10 Contestant Vote

‘American Idol’ Fans Are Livid at the “HUGE” Mistake Made in the Top 10 Contestant Vote

Vote for the 2020 season of American Idol has just started and already a great part of Idol The Twitter community is not happy. Why do you ask? Many were quite upset when the Top 20 contender Lauren Spencer-Smith was not placed in the Top 10 – and the judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie chose not to save her.

'American Idol' Fans Are Livid at the “HUGE”
‘American Idol’ Fans Are Livid at the “HUGE”
  • American Idol season 3 (18th overall) is broadcast on Sunday evening on ABC at 8 p.m. AND.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, candidates and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie continue the show from their home.
  • Last Sunday, Idol fans were forced to say goodbye to the mighty Lauren Spencer-Smith.

The online outrage started after the Sunday night home show episode, where America cut the top 20 contender in half. While many fan favorites have succeeded – including Arthur Gunn, Dillon James, Just sam, and Francisco Martin – it was a disappointment to say goodbye to so many talented artists, including Lauren.

Although Lauren made her way through audition, Hollywood Week, and the Hawaii demo tours, she still didn’t get enough votes to make the Top 10 after her powerful take on the success of Jessie J “Momma Knows Best!”

But according to her fans, America made a “huge mistake” by letting her go. In addition, fans believe that Katy, Luke and Lionel misjudged the use of their single stop on the eliminated candidate Makayla Phillips instead of Lauren. Overall, a lot of feelings appeared on Twitter.

Despite the disappointment of not continuing, Lauren was only gracious after her elimination. She went to Instagram after the Sunday night show to thank her fans for voting and to encourage her.

“It is incredible the number of kind and encouraging comments that I received you, you are incredible … I love you all !!!”, she wrote in her article. “I’m excited for the future and to keep chasing music, I love singing and music and I will never give up !!”

Although it’s really a shame to see Lauren leave this year Idol, there is still so much exciting competition to come in the coming weeks. On May 3, the Top 10 (or technically, since Makayla is still running, the “Top 11”) will perform again from their home for a chance to move on. From there, more and more competitors will be eliminated until the best make it to the season 3 finale on May 17.

Now that Lauren is gone, it’s really anyone’s game. So, in conclusion, if you still have a favorite on Idol this year, it has never been more important to continue voting for them. His allll your turn now.

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