‘American Idol’ Contestants and Finalists of 2020

‘American Idol’ Contestants and Finalists of 2020

This time again American Idol. Now that the judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryanot, and Lionel Richie handpicked their favorites, America will soon have a say in who will stay and who will return.

At this point in the competition, only the best of the best are left for the 2020 season. After unique challenges and performances at Hollywood Week in Hawaii, these 21 candidates are on their way to becoming the next big winner. Without further ado, here is the top American Idol hopes for season 3 (18th overall):

Albert L. Ortega


Dibesh Pokharel (Arthur Gunn)

Arthur may well be the only one to beat this year. As if the singer’s interpretation of “Have you ever seen the rain?” through Creedence Clearwater Revival in the audition round was not already amazing enough, he followed with stellar performances of Otis Redding“Difficult to manage” and Bob marleythis is “Is it love.” When deciding who should be in the top 21, Lionel told Arthur that putting him on the list was one of the easiest decisions.

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DeWayne Crocker Jr.

DeWayne made an incredible start to the competition – not only did he succeed Bobby McFerrin“Don’t Worry Be Happy” in the first round, but his audition ended with his great-grandmother dancing with Lionel. Later, he completely seduced Katy with her performance of Lil Nas X‘s hit “Old Town Road.” The judges told him it was a tough call to make, but ended up giving him a pass for the top 21.

Faith Becnel

Although the judges backed off a bit at Faith’s hearing, where she sang The beautiful“Lady Marmalade”, they recognized the “character” in her voice and sent her to Hollywood. Then when Faith was paired with Jovin Webb during the duet round, she brought the heat and sailed in the next round. Most recently, she impressed the judges Rufus & Chaka khan classic “Ain’t Nobody.” Even so, the judges made it known that they had a very “we’ll see” attitude towards the talented artist.

Aliana Jester

Luke, Katy and Lionel all agreed to send Aliana to Hollywood after her emotional audition. From there, the singer continued to soar – she and YZthaSinger had crazy chemistry during their duo of Meghan Trainor“Like I’m Gonna Lose You”, which convinced the judges that she was here to stay. The young singer was delighted to learn that she entered the top 21 after giving a powerful interpretation of “This Is Me” by The Greatest Showman.

Nick Merico

The judges were very skeptical when Nick entered the room this year – and rightly so. Last season, Nick won a gold ticket but then abandoned the show without notice. Before the judges give her a gold ticket this season, Katy warned Nick not to let her ego get in the way. So far, he has continued to prove his place in the competition, notably by nailing his performances of Lauren Daigleit’s “You Say” and Bruno MarsIt’s “When I was your man”.

Cyniah Elise

Lionel was all about Cyniah from day one, even comparing her to the end and the big one Whitney Houston. In addition, she intensified it even more during Hollywood week when she released a magnificent interpretation of “All I Ask” by Adele. Although Luke told her that her “Lady Marmalade” performance had not dazzled everyone, they chose to let her pass – now America will decide her fate.

Kimmy Gabriela

Her hearing certainly had a wow factor, which is why the judges predict she will reach (at least) the top 10 this season. Even if she had a little trouble as a duo, she took it back by singing “I’m Here” by The color purple for her Hollywood Week solo. Before placing her in the top 21, Katy upgraded with the talented singer and told her that she had to work on “the whole package”.

Jovin Webb

Jovin had the judges wrapped around his finger during his initial hearing, where he sang Allman Brothers BandIt’s “Whipping Post”. Jovin brought the soul to Hawaii in his top 40 showcase with the Ray LaMontagne classic “You are the best thing.” Luke predicts that his artistic talent will take him away as the competition progresses.

Dillon James

The “Country Post Malone” showed all the judges what it was like when he faced “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob dylan. Since the first time the judges met him, he continues to stand out from the rest. For his Hawaii showcase, Dillon again went with a Bob Dylan issue, this time choosing “The Times They Are a Changin.” “Now he is focused on his next goal: to win America.

Olivia Ximines

After Olivia’s cover of Tori Kelly“Language”, Katy gave the young singer the compliment of a lifetime – she called it a “young Brandy [Norwood]. “Although his performance of” All I Ask “was not broadcast Idol, the judges all agreed that she was showing up for Hollywood Week. Later, his energy sings Tina Turner‘Proud Mary’ convinced the judges to place her in the top 21.

Lauren Spencer-Smith

Its range and its powerful song Pink“What About Us” left Luke absolutely speechless in the first round. Lauren then apparently walked through Hollywood Week and the Hawaii storefront, culminating in her sensual cover of Aretha franklin‘hit “Respect”. If you ask us, it will probably come far enough this year.

Louis Knight

“I think he is perhaps the biggest star we have ever had on American Idol“Luke said after Louis stunned the panel by singing his original song titled” Change “. Lewis Capaldi. Although the judges were not as enthusiastic about his presentation of “Castle on the Hill” by Ed sheeran, they gave him another chance to show America his true talent.

Franklin Boone

This music teacher received serious compliments from the judges during his hearing thanks to his unique style taking “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Inspired by American Idol finalist Alejandro Aranda, Franklin then took Bridges of leon‘River’ and John Mayer‘Daughter’ – and overwritten both performances. In the end, it was easy to choose Franklin for the top 21.

Julia Gargano

Julia did so well on the first day, Katy couldn’t help but give the songwriter a big hug after the end of her audition. From there, Julia continued to take on each challenge with grace. Even if she was particularly nervous in Hawaii singing Pink“Glitter in the Air,” she said. “You [are] definitely become a favorite, “said Luke to the artist.” Keep pushing yourself. ”

Grace Leer

When she was 11, she went far American Juniors – and now Idol 16 years later, she is well on the way to becoming a candidate for the title. From his point of view Patsy Cline“Crazy” to her version of Aretha “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”, Grace has impressed the judges many times. But on April 19 we will see if she will move or go home – at the end of the day, only she or Lauren Mascitti will make the list once America has a say.

Lauren Mascitti

Lauren’s audition was considered one of the most “authentic” performances of the season. Her true nature was once again fully exposed during Hollywood week when she took a risk and chose to sing her original solo song “God Made a Woman” and dedicate it to her girl. In the end, the judges could not choose whether she or Grace should be sent into the top 20 … so, like Grace, her fate now rests in the hands of Idol viewers at home.

Jonny west

Katy warned Jonny that there was a very good chance that he would go further in the competition than his girlfriend and comrade Idol competitor Margie Mays – and the singer’s “Roar” prediction has finally come true. Even though it was difficult for Jonny to continue without Margie at his side (after his elimination at Hollywood Week), he released an incredible interpretation of The FrayIt is “You Found Me” in Hawaii which places it in the top 21.

Makayla Phillips

The old America has talent aspirant quickly becomes a fan favorite at home, especially after she and Cyniah Celine Dion‘s “The Prayer” for their duo challenge. After that, she takes Demi Lovato“Sorry not sorry” confirmed what the judges already knew – Makayla is a star, and she deserves to be in the running for the crown this season.

Francisco Martin

Lionel and Luke may have had to take extraordinary measures to keep Francisco calm for his hearing, but it was well worth the effort in the end. After nailing “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers, Francisco was better able to keep his nerves in check while girdling James BayIt’s “Hold the river”. Finally, his confidence solidified when the singer went to Hawaii, which gave the judges the confidence to give him a pass in the top 21.

Sophia Wackerman

His powerful and emotional interpretation of Bishop Briggs“Water” delighted the whole panel and made it very easy to give a gold ticket. In addition to her performances throughout Hollywood Week, it was her showcase in Hawaii where she sang Nick Jonas“Levels” which convinced Katy that she deserved to go to competition.

Just sam

Like Luke said, there is nothing “fair” about Just Sam. Although she had a bit of a rough start in her audition, she finally brought him home singing Andra Dayit’s “Rise Up”. She continued to push herself round after round, receiving particularly excellent comments for singing the Selena hit “Como La Flor” in Hawaii. Now she’s looking forward to continuing to wow judges and America with her stellar voice.

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