Amber Heard Shares Her Excitement for Mera’s Return in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Amber Heard has reacted to the immensely positive fan response to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which features more of the actress in her Aquaman role as Mera. This month, the four-hour Snyder Cut finally premiered after years of fans campaigning for Zack Snyder to finish the movie his way. The new cut brought about many major storyline changes for different characters in the movie, including Heard’s Mera among others. The tremendous fan response has since prompted a reaction post from Heard on Instagram.

“Seeing all your excitement around the release of Justice League @snydercut and the return of Mera,” Amber Heard wrote in the caption. “I get a sword and a crown? I’m in.”

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Perhaps the most noticeable difference in the Snyder Cut is that Mera speaks with a British accent, which wasn’t the case in the original theatrical release. Zack Snyder’s Justice League also alters Mera’s backstory with the revelation that her parents are dead, informing Arthur (Jason Momoa) that his mother had been the one to care for her. Those who’ve seen Aquaman will know that Heard’s father is still alive in the DCEU as played by Dolph Lundgren, contradicting the original vision Snyder had for the character.

Heard will continue to play the DCEU’s current incarnation of Mera when she reprises the role for the upcoming sequel Aquaman 2. The movie is reportedly scheduled to start filming this summer, and despite a popular fan petition to have her removed, Heard is still on board to be a part of the sequel. Speaking with EW in November, Heard said that production was slated to get underway in 2021 and that she was looking forward to returning to the DCEU.

“I’m super excited about the amount of fan love and the amount of fan appreciation that Aquaman has acquired and that it has garnered so much excitement for Aquaman and Mera that it means we’ll be coming back,” Heard said. “I’m so excited to film that.”

Addressing the elephant in the room, there’s a popular petition on calling for Heard to be fired from her role as Mera. This relates to her ongoing legal drama with ex-husband Johnny Depp, which has cost the actor major roles in at least two blockbuster franchises. More than 1,833,000 people have signed the petition since it launched with new names added to the list each day. Despite the controversy, Heard also told EW that the petitions would not actually adversely affect her Aquaman 2 casting.

“Paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media don’t dictate [casting decisions] because they have no basis in reality,” Heard claimed, insinuating that Depp and/or his supporters are paying people and/or bots to sign the petition. “Only the fans actually made Aquaman and Aquaman 2 happen. I’m excited to get started next year.”

In any case, Aquaman 2 is scheduled to be released in theaters on Dec. 16, 2022. The spinoff movie The Trench is also in development, focusing on the deepwater monsters Arthur and Mera encountered in the first movie.

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