Amazon’s new Alexa trick for Echo was made for sharing. Here’s how it works

Amazon’s new Alexa trick for Echo: Your friends are always thinking about the cool things you have programmed. Amazon Echo To – from Turn off all the lights And TV when you leave the house Starting a coffee maker The moment you dismiss your alarm. And with a brand new feature for Alexa Assistant, you’ll be able to share your Custom routine With friends and family in less than 30 seconds.

That is why it is so good for everyone. Suppose a time-saving routine of yours comes up in conversation. Instead you actually detail how you set up every step, which is time-consuming for you to explain and for the other person to follow – you will be able to move the entire bundle using the app. Keep in mind that some routines may be better to share than others, especially if they involve specific skills and compatible tools that the other person does not have.

Amazon’s new Alexa trick for Echo. Share your eco routine with friends and family. Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

To share a routine with someone, open the Alexa app menu and tap a routine. From here, open the routine you are sharing and select the three stacked dots in the top right corner of the screen. Choose Share routine And tap Continue. You can share routines by text message, social media app and email.

When you share a routine, it includes the name of your routine, the event that triggers the routine (such as dismissing an alarm), the sound used to play a specific song or change the color of the lights and start the routine Contains information like phrase. If the person you shared the routine with changes it, it will not affect your version of your routine.

Review routine

If someone shares a routine with you that you want to use, tap on the that was sent to your phone. Alexa app will open and you click See routine, Again Review routine. From here, you can customize the routine to better fit your needs. Then which one will you choose Echo device You want to reply and tap with Alexa Save.

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