Amazon Prime Day UK 2020: Biggest discounts on iPad Air, Galaxy S20, 4K TVs and more

This is part of the story Amazon prime day, Tips Clear’s guide on everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Amazon prime day Deals are currently live and ready. The addition of a two-day purchase brings massive savings to the UK, with big ‘discounts available on a vast selection of products including iPads, Microsoft Surface devices, 4K TVs, Sony cameras, Nespresso machines and 5G phones. Prime Day technically lasts for two days, although some great savings, including deals Headphones, Smart speakers, The cameras, TV And more, will run throughout the week. As the name suggests, you must be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the savings.

Note that by pricing below you have a Amazon prime membership (£ 8 a month or £ 80 a year). Pricing was accurate at the time of publication but may fluctuate without warning. We are updating this story with the best UK Prime Day deals we find throughout the week.

Best Prime Day Video Game & Computing Deals

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Best Prime Day 4K TV and Home Entertainment Deals

Best Prime Day Camera & Photography Deal

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Best Prime Day Smartphone and Tablet Deal

Best Prime Day Wireless Headphone and Speaker Deal

Best Prime Day Home & Kitchen Appliances Deals

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Amazon‘s Kindle Paperwhite features a bright, backlit display that makes it easy to read your favorite eBook in any lighting situation. It is waterproof, meaning it is safe to read in the bath.

oral B

The Oral-B6 6000N electric toothbrush connects to an app over Bluetooth to give real-time feedback on your brushing, promising a better cleanup over a manual brush.

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The Echo Dot is Amazon’s smallest and cheapest smart speaker, a great option for connecting Alexa voice control to any – or every – room in your home.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet: £ 90

Save £ 60

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Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet gives you access to all the major streaming services you want, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and of course Amazon Prime Video. All of this is wrapped up in an easy-to-use tablet, which is a great buy, at its discounted price.

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The disease of vacuuming your home? Let the robot do the work. Nieto’s D750 robot vacuum cleaner will be found in corners, equipped to deal with pet hair and work on carpets and hard floors.

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 is slim, it is quite powerful for work and now comes on a large alt. Lovely stuff.

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Palak Mini is one of the cheapest ways to add extra home security to your property. With full HD resolution, night vision, microphone, and motion detection, it provides a live feed to your phone so you can have peace of mind when away from home.

More great prime day deals

Prime Day is no longer available

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