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Amazon Prime Day officially launched in the UK on this Tuesday, October 13, and although it is called Prime “Day”, the sale event offers a fantastic bargain price for two days. In addition, you will continue to receive more intensive discounts on a large number of products throughout the week, including technology. Smart speakers, TV, Headphones, The cameras even more. Amazon’s own devices (such as the Kindle, Echo and Ring) always offer Fire Bargains of course, but you can expect great deals on other brands including Sony, Bose, Toshiba and many more. As the name suggests, you have to become an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the savings.

But until the big Prime Day sale starts on Tuesday, knowledgeable UK shoppers can already get some great deals and start their holiday shopping. Check out our information about the best Amazon Prime Day deals below, and be sure to bookmark this page as we will uncover the best savings on all things technology throughout the week.

Note that with the pricing below you have a Amazon prime membership (£ 8 per month or £ 80 per year). Pricing was accurate at the time of publication but may fluctuate without warning. We are updating this story with the best UK Prime Day deals we will get over the next week.

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

The Echo Dot is Amazon‘s smallest and cheapest smart speaker, a great option for connecting Alexa voice control to any – or every – room in your home.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

The Echo Show 5 is Amazon’s smallest smart display, which uses its voice assistant, Alexa, to play videos to you, manage your calendar, show weather reports and more. At just £ 45, this is the lowest price we’ve seen.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

With an 8-inch display, the Echo Show 8 offers the same functionality as its smaller siblings, but with a larger screen for more immersive video. Like the Echo Show 5, this discount is the biggest savings on this product.

Rick Broida / Tips Clear

Palak Mini is one of the cheapest ways to add extra home security to your property. With a full HD resolution, night vision, microphone and motion detection, it provides live feed to your phone so that you can give you peace of mind when you are away from home.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

Available with batteries or as a wired option, this outdoor security camp has a built-in, motion-activated LED light to scare off intruders, while providing your phone with a full HD video feed in real time.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

If you have struggled to get a good Wi-Fi signal in the back bedroom of your house, a forged Wi-Fi system can help. By repeating the signal through multiple base stations, your signal can expand far more around your home, providing a faster, more stable connection anywhere. It is not a fancy new Ero 6 system, but even at this price, the old model is a good choice.

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