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Amazon Luna, new Echo speakers, Fire TV, a flying Ring camera and more: All the new products just announced


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Amazon surprised us with its new Thursday event Luna Cloud-Gaming Services As well as expected updates to its line of Echo, Fire TV and Ring products. When we roll into the holiday shopping season, and for the first time, we help Amazon discuss, Prime day. (Annual sales are usually held in July, but are expected to begin October 10 this year.) This means Alexa is everywhere and at the address Secluded Concerns, which was a big story in 2019 for both Ring and Alexa. In the existence of a life-at-home, millions of us hunker down for the long haul, home-related concepts that Amazon has been developing over the years have become more important than ever.

The company’s Echo and Fire TV products will be the first to earn the stability badge and are working on reducing power consumption in devices with a new low-power mode and an energy dashboard integrated with Alexa. It is also promising to build solar and wind farms to generate energy that matches the consumption of all its equipment.


The company launched a cloud-gaming service on top of Amazon Web Services that runs on PC, Fire TV, and even iOS. There is a Luna Plus game channel with a curated set of games, and Amazon is partnering with publisher Ubisoft for the availability of some of them for 1 day.

It has a custom $ 50 controller that connects directly to the cloud instead of a local device.

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It’s a custom controller that connects directly to the cloud, allegedly reducing roundtrip latency from 17 to 30 milliseconds versus a local Bluetooth connection between PC, Mac, and Fire TV.

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Redesigned with the new spherical shape and capable of adapting to the room’s acoustics, the fourth-gen Echo formerly includes the Echo Plus. It is also a bridge to Amazon’s sidewalk network and includes neural network technology to speed up Alexa.

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It gets the same redesign as the Spherical Echo, but now sports a stylish cloth cover and an improved speaker.


Along with some kid-friendly features, also rounded up, the children’s version includes voice profiles for children and sidekick, which lets Alexa read for them.


It now has zigbee and sidewalk hubs, and it cools when it cooks in your direction. For privacy, there is a built-in camera shutter, and all Echo devices have the ability to review privacy settings and “delete everything I’ve ever said”. It will also support Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video.

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The Pro 6 is basically the same as the Eero 6, but is designed to handle high bandwidths up to gigabit, unlike a 500Mbps – connection.

Ring Car Connect: $ 200

One of three new car-centric ring products

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Debuting with Tesla, Connect uses a vehicle’s built-in external cameras to capture video in the event that something happens while driving or being parked.

There is no product page on Amazon yet, but we will add it when we get here.

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It is basically the same as the all new Fire TV Stick, but lacks integrated TV control on the remote.

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